Some Events Should Be "Modify As Needed"

Be angry and sin not. That’s in the Bible. Jesus said it. Well, today I’m a bit angry, and I’m going to use this post to prevent my yen to spew venom, thus, (hopefully) sin not.
I can’t get the Inaugural Day Parade out of my thoughts, which is the root of my ire. Before I  go any further, I will preface this by saying the overall rating of the Inauguration 2017 ceremonies was a solid A. That said, I’m pointing at all the black pastors and Christian reps surrounding President Trump, who are serving as a prayer covering for him. These men and women are supposed to have his back, especially when things come down to the sensitivity of “race”.
I bounced in and out of watching the beautiful Inauguration Day events, and had to literally turn the television off when I walked in on gyrating women, in scantily-clad outfits performing in front of the 
First Family, with young Barron getting more of an eyeful than any child his age should see. (SMH) PLEASE don’t tell me anything about what he sees in his everyday life. You will completely miss the point. 
My heart dropped with Melania's, (and I’m sure many others with a compass of moral integrity), as I saw this otherwise cultural performance of big talent marching by. PLEASE don’t make me laugh by calling me racist. In fact, I’ll laugh just in case any of you dare even think that thought.
This is about morality, thus returning back to the black pastors and Christian reps surrounding 
President Trump. Someone needed to have more-critically vetted the parade lineup. I am very familiar with the cultural battle of the bands; and, love to see a great band performance as much as the next person. However, on this very honorable occasion, with a worldwide viewing audience, someone needed to have enough ‘courage’ to advise the band director that proper attire, befitting the occasion would be required. I don’t know what that attire would have been. Perhaps they could have just been flag-bearers for this occasion. I haven’t a clue. But, this provocative and exotic routine ruined the whole parade for me, and made the case that the moral fiber of America is in shreds. Do I think the ‘dancers’ should not be a part of the college bands? That’s a non-factor in this post; truly the least of my concerns at this moment.
This is about keeping family-appropriate events, family appropriate. This is about adjusting the attire, to be apropos for the occasion. It was clearly an uncomfortable moment for most people in the viewing stands; but, it’s water under the bridge. I felt as if some wanted to shield the eyes of the children; but, to 'save face' smiled and refrained.
In that moment, I wondered who posted most of the funds for the GoFundMe account, hoping this routine would be a blight on the day. I’m exhaling now. I’m sure I will continue to put this behind me, because there are enough concerns far-more pressing. So, dear Christian elders, representing Mr. Trump, PLEASE go on record: God is holding you accountable to step in when ‘race’ becomes a factor. Someone should have made arrangements to alter that leg of the parade, no pun intended. 
Many may say, I’m just being too prudish. Not so, far from it. It’s just that on the heels of this (SMH), “Million Woman March” I think it’s time women reevaluate the definition of how a woman should represent herself. I grew up in a world where morality mattered (a 'whole' lot). With that seed planted and deep roots formed, means even with all one’s imperfections, the goal is to stay with a strong moral high-ground.