Not Very Likely Jesus Had a Wife

Wow, the mysteries of life, present and past. In the present, it seems there are far more discussions worthy of the life of Jesus, and regarding the past would Jesus really have loved his wife had he never ever mentioned her existence in the words He spoke in the New Testament?

Jesus made very clear early on that He was about His Father's business (Luke 2:49). Had He been married, His priorities would have shifted to being about His wife (and if any), His children's concerns.

Considering the fact that God honors marriage, and says that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing, Jesus very well could have been a husband (Proverbs 18:22). But Scripture leans to Him referring to the Church as His Bride (Ephesians 5:25-27). As members of the body of Christ, we are His Disciples, which clarifies why He said "She (The Church) will be My disciple." This is the first role of the Church: be disciples to Jesus' sheep (John 21).

It would truly be a miracle of human nature for none of the early disciples Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, to make mention of Jesus having a wife. Wouldn't mention have been made of Jesus' wedding feast, had He taken a bride, just as mention was made of His Baptism?

Jesus even regarded single-life as Holy because God was always the One served, and kept first. Emphasis is made that once married, the daily distractions of having a spouse detract from the sole and primary focus being on God (1 Corinthians 7:32-35). Jesus was very clear on how a husband is to love his wife, and a wife to respect her husband. A husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church (Ephesians 5:22). The Church is clearly Jesus' Bride. We don't really need the drama of an incomplete scroll to cause confusion. While it's exciting, it really leaves no substance for rewriting the Holy Word as inspired by God. Do you really think God would have shunned His daughter-in-law by completely omitting her from Scriptures?

The final word: Jesus was born of a miraculous conception. He was pure, yet like man in all ways, except for sin. No disrespect intended, but had Jesus married, he would have consummated with a sinful human being as with married couples, "The two become one flesh" (Mark 10:8). Jesus was like man in all ways except for sin; thus sex with a mortal would have caused Him to deny His God-Person, and become a reflection of fallen man, instead of the Son of a Perfect God.

Let's thank Jesus for showing up and showing us how we should behave, mindful of what is most pleasing to God: Love thy neighbor, as thy self. Jesus gave so many words to live by, whether He did or didn't have a wife, is really of little importance in the big and eternal scheme of things.

Teen Sex Woes Greater Than Unplanned Pregnancies

It's really sad that in this day and time, something as preventable as teen pregnancy is wreaking havoc in the lives of young women and men, too. I've heard horror stories about IUDs and think a better alternative for girls too young to become mothers is a temporary tubiligation. It should be mandatory after a first birth or abortion, for young women who can't prove financial ability to support themselves, not to mention children! Most young women would far prefer the laparo'scopic procedure as opposed to an unplanned pregnancy any day. Since babies born to teens tend to increase the need for government dependency, you'd think a real solution to such a grave crisis would be at the top of the health-care reform agenda! Sadly, pregnancy is only one part of the problem for sexually-active teens. Birth control does not offer remedy to STDs and even worse, the rampant HIV-AIDs dilemma. Young and old alike should think long and hard about their decisions to be irresponsibly free-willing with sex, as the result can literally mean death.


Say What?

America, today if you see me driving down the street, or in the grocery store and I just start laughing out loud to myself (literally!), know that I have not lost my marbles. It's just me thinking about the mistruth that 47% of Americans don't pay ANY taxes. On behalf of the millions of under-employed and low-wage earners; not to mention those working two and three jobs just to keep up, I'm sorry that such ugly words were spoken. I am sorry for all the down-on-their-luck veterans who had to hear such cruelty; you know who you are; many standing at stop lights asking for help. If Mitt Romney is not sad for his blatant insult to real-world Americans, then I will sorrow for those stinging words.

Any thinking person knows the cliche, the only thing one HAS to do in life is "die and pay taxes." Real-world people pay at the pump, pay at the grocery store, at payday in payroll taxes, and more. If Mitt Romney is trying to prove that one of America's best U.S. Presidents should remain in office for another four years, he hit a homerun last night.

That wasn't a gaffe. His words were a blatant slap in the face to working-class Americans who do pay taxes, many times nearly half their earnings! It is very rare for a person born with a diamond-laden platinum spoon in their mouth to feel genuine compassion for real-world people.

I couldn't put my finger on why I didn't have peace about voting for Romney. Now, I know. Christians will have to answer who's the best candidate at the polls. At least we know President Obama can remember when he wasn't a one-percenter. Wow, somehow as I end this writing, I'm no longer laughing. I'm really sad for those people who thought someone had their best interest at heart, prob'ly doesn't; and yet they'll vote a GOP ticket 'cause that's what they do'.

Pray America pray; and after statements like this, vote. Acknowledge that neither of these people are perfect; but, one stands out more than the other. Kudos, President Obama, kudos!

On her way in to work this morning, my daughter summed it up best: Out of the abundance of a man's heart, his mouth speaks.