Teen Sex Woes Greater Than Unplanned Pregnancies

It's really sad that in this day and time, something as preventable as teen pregnancy is wreaking havoc in the lives of young women and men, too. I've heard horror stories about IUDs and think a better alternative for girls too young to become mothers is a temporary tubiligation. It should be mandatory after a first birth or abortion, for young women who can't prove financial ability to support themselves, not to mention children! Most young women would far prefer the laparo'scopic procedure as opposed to an unplanned pregnancy any day. Since babies born to teens tend to increase the need for government dependency, you'd think a real solution to such a grave crisis would be at the top of the health-care reform agenda! Sadly, pregnancy is only one part of the problem for sexually-active teens. Birth control does not offer remedy to STDs and even worse, the rampant HIV-AIDs dilemma. Young and old alike should think long and hard about their decisions to be irresponsibly free-willing with sex, as the result can literally mean death.