Wow! Best Description of Perry's "For Colored Girls"

I had plans to see this movie opening night; but, my movie pal was sick with a wicked cold. It was just as well considering on seeing it tonight I shared the theatre with only a few others, minus people who bring their little ones to the movies. Yep, I said that. But this post is about the movie. My initial reaction was to write this movie off as way too gut-wrenchingly raw for my taste. I would probably have walked over to the "Fair Game" movie; but, something in my spirit said to stay with it. And, am I ever glad I did. This movie was both intense and intensive in its performance. I'll preface this by saying that over two decades ago I saw the Broadway performance of this movie, when Trazana Beverley had a starring role. I remember it as sad, and yet powerful in its delivery. Before going to the theatre this evening I read one review which said that some live performances don't transfer well onto film. I had already heard my daughter say that men who had seen the movie were labeling Perry as a "man basher." I thought that was odd, considering he's a man. But, before even seeing it, I knew the negative reviews from men fit more of the description of 'if the shoe fits wear it' and 'the truth oftentimes hurt.' As I predicted before seeing the movie, the theme fit any woman on the planet, and easily crossed all racial lines. Admittedly, on approaching the ticket counter I realized the countless women who fought so hard to not be 'colored' being reduced to size before entering the film. But, in essence all races are colored; whether white, red, brown, black, yellow, etc. The movie was very excellently done. I will attempt to reduce it to ten major points. 1)As I watched the movie I pondered on several occasions how the Academy would be able to divide the best actress award at least six ways. 2)I personally saw relevance in the apartment number(s) and on more than one level, could honestly say; but, for the grace of God there go I and millions of other women. 3)There was no man bashing as much as there was a depiction of men behaving badly. Those who accuse him of hating on men may have seen themselves in one of the worst-case scenarios. 4)Perry's choice of actresses was brilliant, making the movie an infallible hit in its own light. 5)Every woman who sees this movie either knows firsthand or vicariously at least one character's experience. 6)Women cannot afford to stay with men who are a threat to themselves and especially their children. 7)Two in four HIV cases force women to evaluate how much they value their life versus unprotected sex. 8)Every woman who reached womanhood untainted by sexual molestation should thank God; and, know that people behave the way they do for reasons, often unknown by those closest to them. 9)Butchered abortions in back rooms is what people will revert to should Roe v. Wade ever be repealed. 10) A man who loves sex with other men is a "closet" homosexual and really shouldn't bring a woman or children into the mix. I consider this critique of the movie inept in comparison to the performances. The soliloquies were difficult to follow if one lacks an awareness of the stage play. It ended with a little bit of "Waiting to Exhale" flavor; which I always thought would have a sequel. Without denigrating any of the other actresses, I have to say in conclusion that Janet Jackson's performance was in one word, 'Wow!' But each of the other eight characters could receive the same accolade. As an aspiring therapist, I got a virtual glimpse of future clients. In a nutshell, Perry's depiction of "For Colored Girls" was pure genius. He told a woman's story from nine vantage points. Every person who sees this film will identify on some level with at least one character, guaranteed! Any therapist would do well to start a group based on this movie. Great work! I hope to see it again. I also hope to find the perfect lip color as Loretta and Janet wore in the movie. I'm out, as it's late and I'm beginning to digress!!!