President Obama Made the Right Call in Staying the Course

Oftentimes, life puts you between a rock and a difficult place. It is then that you have to make a call on the best thing to do. As an outsider looking in, I have to respect the President's decision to go on with life as-scheduled on his recent trip to Cuba and Argentina. As an outsider looking in, attending a baseball game and dancing the tango during a time when an ally was reeling from a terrorist-attack seemed insensitive. However, I was a bit miffed as to why the media was taking such aim against his decision when terrorist attacks happen everyday in various parts of the world. It was then I began to accept his logic with a bit less 'judgment.' I ask: Had the attack occurred in, let's say, Nigeria, would the media have been as appalled at the family outing to the game, or the tango in Argentina? Let me end by saying, 'sounds like politics to me.' I am certain that he was doing all he could; and, behind the scenes his staff was keeping him up-to-the-minute on the goings on. I must note that this media tear-down came minutes after he gave a beautiful speech uplifting an oppressed people. I am glad that he didn't allow the unfortunate attack dim his efforts to bridge two nations. Imagine him devaluing Castro by saying, "Gotta' go, I need to go back to D.C. to" ughmm...I don't know...watch the media's continuous loop of the same clip. Clearly, everything he was going to do in D.C. he was able to do from where he was. I close. As always, I can't end without saying how beautiful a couple, and family, the Obamas truly are!


Thanks to DJ Trump, Americans Are Energized!

I am energized by the passion of this campaign season. People are more fired-up than the Obama followers of 2008. Donald Trump will change the face of the Republican Party. When is the last time you have openly seen African-Americans rallying FOR a GOP candidate? As an Independent, I care not about the Party as much as the issues at hand, and the candidates' plans to solve them.  The Trump Express will really be representative of America's melting pot. It will be exciting to see if he chooses Kasich for V-P and Carson for Department of Education, with Christie as Attorney General. As we say in Texas, "YEE-HA!!!" 

Today I learned...

...that it's a lot easier to address six gray strands of hair individually than to open up a whole box of blazing red hair color to fix the 'issue'. Why is that men look less 'old' than women should their graying edges show? I don't know; but, as we speak, I am shopping for some neutral hair dyes to bring my hair closer to its original color. Lesson learned: DO A STRAND TEST!!!!! Actually the color is quite beautiful; but faaaarrrr too radical for my needs.


As With Every Reality in Life; Rally-Goers Should Have to Pay...

Any real-world human being knows clearly that NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE. This truism should be applied to political rallies, namely those where, as in the past 24 hours, the goal of too many attendees is to cause disruption. In an odd kind of way, it reminds me of my days in the classroom. It only takes a handful of those with poor behavior to ruin an otherwise joyful time.

I'm convinced that the escalating melees at Trump's campaign events are being designed by people in higher-up places wanting to derail any chances of him getting into the White House. To blame him for a person's decision to ACT on what he says, speaks to the character of the person who acts. My opinion is a rebel-rouser only needs an excuse to do what is in his heart to do.

At the end of the day, the person in the driver's seat can decide how the ride will go. No one's asking, but I sincerely believe that Trump should limit all future rallies to people who have a direct link to his campaign, either through financial contributions and/or volunteers, and their friends and family members promoting his cause. Yes, the rallies may be significantly smaller, but authenticity over quantity would make for a safer and more supportive experience. Clearly, it is but for the Grace of God that no one has been seriously injured at these events. I think the Chicago-debacle should be fair-warning, and the reason the 'rules' of attendance be  changed. I dread the thought of how much worse last night's incident might have been had it been the 'dog days of summer.' As always, Mytu Sense...


Changing Rules in the Middle of the Game is Not Fair

I am one of those Americans who is really enjoying this 2016 campaign season. Well, I was, until a recent non-candidate chose to step in and announce a need to change the rules of the game. It doesn't flow that way; especially, this late in the process, if ever. I have shaken my head more than once over the past few weeks, acknowledging how thick-skinned one must be to run for public office. We elect a single candidate to take the 'blows' to represent our nation across the board.
I will say, I was extremely disappointed to see my 2008 pick spearheading the shakeup to derail the 'clear' winner of the GOP nomination. What message are we sending our youth when we try to deny the winner the merits earned for months and months of hard work? The person winning the most delegates wins the nod. At least those are the rules as most Americans understand them to be. I suppose the caveat is in the fine print. I seriously don't think Americans are going to stand by quietly to be told their candidate has lost the bid because of a 'caveat'. Without belaboring this glitch in an otherwise exciting campaign season, it seems at the end of the day that 'sour grapes' have found their way into the champagne bowl. A lot of people were bitterly reminded in Romney's recent speech, that eight years later is the result of a 'failed' GOP election that should have been won in 2008. Until this recent podium embarrassment many were hoping Romney would run again in 2024 after this year's nominee served his eight years in the White House. However, after this demeaning speech, I'm going to guess, not likely. This is the people's choice. A lot of foot-traffic and time has gone into choosing a nominee. Let's let the process play out, and, not try to spoil it for everyone. I guess I know now why Trump felt a need to input his own caveat at the start of this race: "...as long as the GOP treats me fairly." Speaking of fairly, the tax-disclosure is looming. It's difficult to be all in, when all the pre-qualifying papers have yet to be submitted. Oh well, with Carson out, my decision has been made, simply by a process of elimination. Click here to read more on my Facebook page. Without superdelegates, I think it would be a Sanders v. Trump vote; but, padded delegate-voting looks like it might be Clinton in the Democratic seat. Of course, it's not a sealed deal for any of the candidates. I can only pray for the day when explicit "riggings" are called out; and, the popular vote, the true vote of the people, wins!


Who Knew Race Was A Card to Be Dealt in the Game of Trump?

It's difficult to accept that 50 years past the Civil Rights Movement, the U.S. is still plagued with racial unrest. People showing up at, otherwise peaceful rallies, making race an issue is unsettling. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, having never met him personally: Donald J. Trump is not racist. When he says he's a 'unify-er' I, imagine he's made a uniting deal or two.  Do I think he's temperamental? Probably; but, no more than any billionaire CEO. I guess, long-story-short Trump will more than likely be a President for all the people. Before this campaign really caught traction, I sensed he'd probably gain momentum. I simply couldn't have imagined how much; or perhaps I could have. His best choice for VP would be my 2008 first pick, Mike Huckabee. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I sense that the GOP will look totally different in the next eight years if Trump becomes President. I think people will see the candidate more than the Party. Pandering to a people based on their race or religiosity is a bit off-putting in this age of multiculturalism. One last curiosity; why don't politicians pander to say, the Jewish or Muslims, the way they do to African-Americans and Christians? In a strange and eery way, courting to a race and denomination seems in and of itself a flagrant form of discrimination.

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