Heinous Acts of Few Pale in Comparison to 7.25 BILLION Worldwide

It's been a rough week for many people; and at it's end marks heinous events that if we're not careful; we'll lose sight of the truth. No matter what happened in Oklahoma,USA, Iraq, Syria, China, or any other place on the planet, one must never lose sight of the fact that this planet inhabits (as of 2013 and counting) 7.125 BILLION people. So no matter what...there is far more good in the world than evil. We musn't link a person's religious belief to his or her goodness. As believers of the Christian faith, we know that even on our very, very, very, utmost very best day, we are as filthy rags in our Creator's eyes. Thus, we give thanks for Jesus dying on the Cross to "save a wretch like you and me." So be encouraged; and remember: 7.125 BILLION people worldwide. Choose to focus on the good the majority are doing, and pray for the evil done to any and all. When it's said and done, God is still in control. Eventually each of our tabs will come due; so, live your best life in accordance to what will bring God glory. In the end He will judge whether your heart was truly for Him or in servitude to His defeated competitor and archenemy satan. So tonight as you tuck in, remember to give thanks for your safe place, and pray for those persecuted both near and far.
One more thing: Please share this with anyone you know who might be focusing on the evil; losing sleep and suffering anxiety in belief that all is doom and gloom. As a counselor, I can attest to the fact that you become what you believe. Believe the indisputable truth, that ultimately GOoD wins.

Missed Season Finale of Master Chef

It's hard to believe; but true. After watching Master Chef all summer, I was actually not up to watching the season finale. I thought I'd catch the re-airing on Friday; however, the new fall lineup preempted that idea. With a little researching, I'm glad to learn that Courtney walked away with the grand prize. It's a smart business deal, as aside from her skills, she's the youngest and least attached regarding personal-life matters.
To my surprise I have been introduced to the series Breaking Bad, and actually have found myself watching a few episodes. Let me say upfront that it is very dark, and very TV. It's good; but in the real world both Walt and Jesse would be goners; but, with nothing else in the fall lineup it's presumed that family tv-night will include this series. Thankfully, I have no clue how the last season ends; however I won't be surprised if I just watch the last episode just to know; probably not.
Well, short and sweet is all I have for now. Congrats Courtney on your win. Prayers from all for my next career path much appreciated!!! I will keep you posted.
UPDATE:  Okay, it's official. Breaking Bad and I have "broken up," parted ways, just like that. After tuning in for a few disgusting seconds this evening (Still Season 1) I realize the trashiness associated is simply not my cup of tea. I'm quite sure the scene played true to real-world drug drama; however, ughmmm...no thank you. Thankfully, a quick click of the old clicker and back to more productive work. It's Okay; call me a prude. I'll wear that hat if you call not wanting to watch sleaze tv prudish.


Hell's Kitchen and Extant Out; Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, and Mom IN; and Remembering 9-11

What a week! It seemed to go quickly. I had a chance to make some very clear decisions about the new Fall tv shows I will watch and will not be watching this year. It is clear that Hell's Kitchen is a prison-style, boot-camp version of Master Chef. For that reason, I will not be watching as I don't need anything to stress me out when I tune in to enjoy tv. It aired two nights straight. The first night my son happened in and said the red and blue bandanas made him think the show should be called "Gangsta' Kitchen." The next night it aired my daughter happened in and within minutes voiced what I, and many other  mild-mannered folk was thinking, "This show stresses me out." Yes! It does. And for that reason, a line has been drawn through on my 'what-to--watch' list. My son said it was clearly theatrics because many chefs have prison records and would have gone off on him. I don't know; don't care. I'm sure, I will watch the last ten minutes each week; and perhaps the final two; but, the thought of Ramsey threatening to blow an artery makes me wonder if he hollers like that at home. With domestic violence in the center of the news I seem to be staring at a lot of people with that question mark looming? Moving on. Sad to say, but, Extant has also been X'd off my list. I simply couldn't take another second of the 'wierded-out' kids and Halle's uncovincing presentation that she is enjoying the script. I could be wrong; but, I won't be watching.
What I did watch and thoroughly enjoyed was "The Biggest Loser." I only recognized a couple of the participants. As an avid tennis fan, I was glad to see Zina Garrison looking great at the big 5-0; and I hope she stays the course to reach her desired weight goal. I also watched Shark Tank. I can't believe the mother chose mentoring for her young son over the $50K, $3.-per-bow-tie-sold-offer of Mr. Wonderful. Are you kidding me? Mentoring? Why not mentoring and cha-chinging all the way to the bank as well. Cute kid, and I hope his aspirations bring him to his desired goals. I'm sure the FUBU mogul will see to it that he gets the college money he needs when the time comes; so, not to worry.
With all the college football on, I really enjoyed the Coca-Cola golf tournament this weekend. However, today, when the pressure was heating up; I couldn't help but see (with sadness) a few of the guys dropping F-bombs when they thought the camera wasn't on them; and a lot of attacking the bag with the golf club; and a few other immature and very UNPROFESSIONAL moves. I really think golf needs a penalty flag for people who have unsportsmanlike behavior. I saw quite a bit of that, too. But, long story short I found myself seeing these emotions unravel and was brought back the the domestic-violence question: Which of these golfers could stand and say they have never, since age 18, hit a woman. Sad. I'm convinced people like Ramsey only perpetrate the behavior of immature people who have trouble with ANGER MANAGEMENT. One more thing. I seem to forget to mention every week that the television show "MOM" is really good. I watch it on Monday nights, during Master Chef commercial breaks. One more thing, take two: I watched an excellent short film called BLINDSPOT on PBS; really speaks truth about how people are so caught up with their own concerns, they seem to have mental and physical blinders on.
 A final note; it is clear, from my personal vantage point, considering I don't watch a lot of tv, that most Americans are focusing more on the current going-ons of the day than the remembrance of that dark event in 2001. Without belaboring the point, the more I hear the conspiracy theorists, the more I realize that there are a lot of unanswered, and unanswerable questions surrounding that day. I will always wish that the Twin Towers would have been reconstructed a foot taller than the original ones, with the top 20 floors being made of solid concrete. But, moving on; because the people with the money decided the current blank sky with floodlights shooting upward is 'best'.
Well, that's about it. Blessings to all.


Farewell to Joan Rivers, President Obama Speaks Against Domestic Violence, & Master Chef, Extant & U.S. Open TV-Talk on My Radar

There's a lot of celebrity news abuzz; but, what else is new, or news, as it's called? First, and foremost, condolences for the family of Joan Rivers. She was a bright light in an oftentimes dark world, and it's with certainty she shall be missed. More than a comedian working her way up through the ranks, she was one of those people that you felt like you knew personally, because of her ability to tie her personal life to real-life situations. I heard the news of her passing at 2 a.m. on Friday morning and was saddened. But, with joy, as she'd want, life must, and prayerfully, will go on for those closest to her. The "till-we-meet-again" celebration with people lining the streets was a real tribute of the lives she touched.
As I've noted in previous posts, I don't watch much television. I don't watch the news because it seems to be so corralled on what's discussed. So, when I saw the name Ray Rice filling the trending topics, I had no clue who Ray Rice is or what he'd done to lose a lucrative football contract. I saw the woman, who I learned is his wife sitting 'stoically' next to him. Before I knew the details, by her looks, I sensed she was a troubled woman beyond his firing. Seeing in the headlines that President Obama made a statement regarding the matter really got my attention. Within seconds, I caught a glimpse of a video of a confrontation in an elevator. Of course, I thought back to the recent celebrity Solange incident; but, soon remembered the news of a football player beating his fiancee, and dragging her limp body off the elevator; and, it registered: This is the woman who married the man thereafter. And, I was washed in a sadness far greater than the passing of a woman who had lived her life filling her passion for making people laugh to the very end. This sadness grew from a depth that no woman is immune to; from the very rich, to the poorest poor. This is a silent epidemic that takes no day off, and sadly is exacerbated during football season, when alcohol and office pools, leave too many people, primarily women, genuinely hating to see the arrival of football season and weekends. I did not play the video, because that only makes theatrics of a very serious problem. To ask the question of why she married a man who showed his hand before taking vows, would be like asking the question why do people fall in love with abusive people. The root of the answers go as deep as the years of her upbringing. Needless to say, she needs professional help whether she realizes it or not. Of course, sanity on the outside looking in says she should have never married him; however, she did and judgment is not needed as much as her getting the help she needs to make saner decisions in the now and future. Too sad for any more words, so let's talk tv.
Master Chef's two-hour show this evening made clear that real talent can't make diner mistakes where fine dining is concerned. I have to admit the food the chefs had to cook was stomach-turning, and even though it probably was palatable, hardly anything I'd consider ordering from a menu. I'm glad to see Christian got a nod from Chef Ramsey for help with a start-up. Prayerfully, he can take this experience and use it as a marketing tool of his new business. And, old Texas 'hook-em' Cutter, got his walking papers, and for the sake of his child, needs to practice my philosophy of 'counting to ten, and if necessary, counting again.' Okay, I'm glad I'm not a betting woman; because well, I thought Christian would have been in the final two. Now, I'm going to say Elizabeth and Courtney will take it to the duel and Courtney will prevail. We'll see.
A few words about Extant...it was pretty good last week; lots of action. However, I am a bit creeped out by men handling little boys in the backside area; probably because I watched the movie "Doubt" this weekend. It was good. We all agreed it ended like they ran out of money or something; but, it was good.As always, Hoffman played the role to the hilt: Ughmmm...I said he was guilty; others in the room argued he always left "controversial" situations; because he didn't want the stigma. Ha! Innocent people have no need to flee. I know that too is arguable.
And lastly, but far from least, Serena Williams was the U.S. Open this year. The little bit that I did watch made it clear that the economy left a lot of empty seats. Watching Federer was difficult as it reminded me of him playing against Pete Sampras back in the day. His physical fitness simply was outmatched. But the last women's performance was exciting to say the least. I could only be happy for Serena because she is proof to many young girls everywhere that following your talent is a good thing. Congrats on the Tiffany bonus!
That's it for another week.


MasterChef Best Show This Summer; Prayers for Joan Rivers and Extant a Roller Coaster of SCI-FI Remnants

Now that the Fall lineup has begun, I have to say the most enjoyable show I watched this summer, and continue to watch is Master Chef. It's a lot less 'heated' than Hell's Kitchen; but, I like them both. I hated to see Big Willie and Jaimee get their walking papers; however fair judging abounds. My prediction for the final two is Christian and Elizabeth. Both seem to have good 'work-under-pressure' skills; one because of advertising world, the other because of L-I-F-E.

On a more somber note, prayers for Joan Rivers. I have to admit she is one of my favorite LOL people. Hopefully, Melissa will have the courage to remove her from life-support soon and let God have His Way. Joan is a person full of love, laughter, and life, and she would want to progress on to the next phase of life's journey in "stride." Again, prayers for all.

To end on a much lighter note, I am still watching Extant; but, honestly, Halle's character-husband, and her robotic son are very "SCI-FI". I wouldn't be surprised at all if the husband isn't a robot as well. It shall be interesting to find out. I am sure Master Chef will be back; but Extant?...Hmmmmmm, dunno.


Frankie and Alice Worth Watching

First published 08.16.14
It's Saturday and I just finished watching a RedBox matinee of #Halle Berry's recently released movie: #Frankie and Alice. Okay, therapy is my calling and anything 'mental' usually gets and keeps my attention. Given the dinero there is a Ph.D. waiting in me to be born. But, not to digress. This movie was a very good characterization of what happens in the life of a schizophrenic and things in life that can cause one's personality to split. All through the movie I kept saying let's buy a Besche wig. I tend to have to catch myself when watching tv with others at home. Talk...talk...talk. But again, not to digress. The movie was excellent. I always say Phylicia Rashad gets typecast roles; but, then realize that what makes her a star is her ability to draw you in to her role, which is always substantial. You know you're good when the audience forgets its a movie. Grey's Anatomy Chandra Wilson was also good. But, the main character, played by Halle Berry was nod-worthy. It wasn't her proving her ability to act as much as the script and her ability to seize the moments that made this movie strong. I was glad to see at the end that it was based on a true story; and, offers a genuine hope for #mental-health patients worldwide when they have genuinely caring health professionals to help in the healing. Sadly, in today's society the answer to what ails you emotionally is in an SSRI more than let's talk, talk, and talk some more til we stamp out the root of the problem.
It's too early in the a.m, 2:29, to start a discussion on such a rhetorical dilemma. If you're looking for a good movie to rent or even own, Frankie and Alice is worth the dinero.  

Rioting For Some is an Excuse to Loot; Remembering the Man with the Twinkle in His Eye: Robin Williams; Farewell to Lauren Bacall; & We Are All Infidels

First published 08.13.14
Sometimes I have to stop and pull up to the desk and put my words on paper so I will quit writing my thoughts in my head. If you too, mentally write your thoughts I suggest you give in and start writing. Anyhoo, it's just a few unrelated topics that I have to purge and be done with. I woke up today with an inexplicable blah; a blue-funk as some might call it. Writing is my therapy, so here goes. 

                                     Ferguson Video Should Make 'Rioters' go "OOPS!"
First, the #riots in Ferguson, Missouri are symbolic of the fact that if people want an excuse to steal, what better way than to use an injustice as the reason. I don't care how wrong either party in last Saturday's shooting was, tearing up something that you did not build is wrong. Who suffers? The community. Who wins? Big business because they have the insurance funds to pack their business up and move to a better place, or rebuild and charge the community higher prices for the 'injustices' they experienced. Now, to the bottom line: Mothers, no correction; parents, because fathers play the biggest role in the behaviors of their sons and daughters where discipline is concerned: Teach your children to respect authority. I turned the radio off when listening to the 'friend' tell his side of the story. The scenario would have probably played a lot differently, and his friend would be racking up some serious student-loan debt today, if he had just stepped onto the sidewalk as he was told. That's all. No use putting up your hands if the situation has escalated to the point of rough-housing with a cop, and the bullet has already left the barrel. I'm presuming this cop was riding solo. If so, he was scared for his life, as when the fight ensued, it became a case of two against one in his mind. Was he right to shoot? I don't know. I wasn't there. This isn't about that. This is about parents teaching their children the protocol for arrest, should that ever occur. The need to run, especially in broad daylight should not be a necessity. Failing to do as ordered, when ordered, is. People, young and old alike, the dark rap music is not going to fair well with you in real-life situations. So, it's clear, the Rodney King devastation didn't teach much in the way of doing the right and honorable thing when confronted. Boasting about your right to do this and that, and progressing on in your way is not amongst those things.
                                                    Remembering Robin Williams

Second thing, that got me to the computer is #Robin Williams' untimely and bittersweet end. I will use this tragedy as my defense that licenses do not guarantee efficacy when helping clients. As a Christian counselor, I will glean from Williams' poignant remark in an NPR interview that psychoanalysis works, only if the client is willing to do the work.This was his way of saying it was easier to do the least productive work for his mental health than change his behavior. I can not, and will not make excuses for this truly hilarious guy. He, as my old 'friend' #Capote-actor Hoffman, will always be remembered as genius in his work. But, my response on learning late Monday night was, “All the money in the world will not make you feel or be successful, if you lack the ability to process and make peace within the mind.” He was very wealthy financially, and had every opportunity to live the life others only dream of; but, money can't cure what ails you for long. The rich joke that it helps; but, sometimes I wonder how true that is. For all who are scraping two dimes together to survive, and are still able to find true joy in life, count your blessings. I learned this morning that one of my favorite actresses, the beautiful #Lauren Bacall passed away at the decades'-rich age of 89. Godspeed to all.  

                  Freedom to Worship God as One Chooses is a Strong-Suit of Democracy

And lastly, a few words about the Middle East. Honestly, I am so glad to live in a country where we have the freedom to worship God as He is defined in the spirit. Who am I, a Christian, to judge? After all, #Jesus said in Him there is no Jew, no Greek, no slave, or gentile. We can carry that a bit further and trust that means all other peoples as well. To Him we are all one. Anybody who can't believe that, might themselves be the infidels. In truth, walking around in these earthly bodies, I dare anyone to say on some level they have never been guilty of this carnal role. Go ahead. Show me one innocent, and I'll check their pulse.
Whew! I feel much better now. Perhaps I will get around to publishing this soon.

TV-Talk Beats World Affairs Any Day

First published 08.03.14
It's been a minute. I'm writing in Comic Sans Script because well that best replicates the antithesis of things going on in my life right now. I am officially retreating from writing about the various wars around the world, realizing there are enough 'battles' in my own radius of perspective to attend to, and literally all I can genuinely do for people who are in the crossfire is pray for them. And I genuinely do, often throughout the day. I have come to accept that people get paid big bucks to find “solutions” to the problems of the world. The only reward I get for writing this blog is the opportunity to offer 'Mytu Sense.' So, as I recommend in life, keep it simple.
This is supposed to be a weekly blog; however, in the age of internet sniping I learned that some '?????' tried, and actually hacked into my webpage, and probably my computer. It is very clear that working on an old XP is not a very wise thing to do, in a world where '>>>>>' find 'purpose' in infiltrating the works of others, instead of doing something good for the universe and creating their own work. After a bit of research, I learned that at about 4:33 on a given morning someone a few miles up the road, was trying to 'access' my page. Ho...Hum...Yawn...Most people, self included, were enjoying the luxury of a peaceful sleep at that wee hour; however, I am learning by the 24-7 activity of my neighbors that some people don't sleep. No matter what hour I am awake, they are awake. How do I know? Let's just say, I hear them. But, far too much time wasted on the nothingness of life, so let's move on.
Since I have chosen to pray for the people going through crises around the world, I don't have to watch the news, or listen for very long to know that the people caught in the middle are everyday people, like you and me who live in places where they have zero control over when the bombs will start flying, or who will get the next life-threatening virus. My own nation has troubles of her own, as do I, so I'll try to keep the focus on things I can do something about.
To digress, I have begun watching ease-my-mind tv a couple hours in the evening. This summer I have really been enjoying #Master Chef so much that I watch both Friday and Monday nights. Francis L.'s red-beet pasta was obviously a tad bit worse than Big Willie's dessert-Italian entree (LOL...It just came to me...) Gotta love him; but, I'm afraid he's not the Master Chef, and his off-the script dishes are kinda showing that he knows. It's almost a passive-aggressive quitting. Cutter is showing he's got skills; but if I have to guess it's probably going to go to one of the top two ladies, considering top management skills have to meet top culinary skills to win.
Another show I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer is #Extant, with Halle Berry. It's sci-fi enough to keep my attention; however, this last episode was a bit 'fluffed.' By that I mean it seemed to have a going nowhere plot; and I hope that's not a sign of no direction. Admittedly, I missed the last ten minutes; having to run out to the store, but, the last scene I saw was Halle lifting her 'son'...so I will hopefully be able to piece things together when I tune in next time.
Another show I enjoy is #Extreme Weight Loss Makeover, simply because I like to see the results of what hard work, healthy lifestyle- choices, and exercise can do to transform an individual. Also, on my list of tv faves is Top Chef, where everyday chefs try to outcook the pros.
I like to watch #NCIS Miami on the weekend, and #Blood Brothers has its level of interest, probably because of my being a Tom Selleck fan from back when. Occasionally, I watch #Dateline, and the last one I watched really held my attention, as it was a perfect case study for what happens when generational behaviors repeat themselves without someone drawing a line in the sand and saying the '#####' stops here. It was the case of the twin daughters murdering their mother and covering it up for four years. They each received a 30-year sentence; but, it's likely they'll be out by their mid-30s because of extenuating circumstances (i.e.) stellar behavior going the way of the dogs at a high-hormonal time of life. Of course, there is no real 'excuse' for what they did; but, built-up anger turns into rage when all parties have tons and tons of pent-up anger. The mother lived the life the twins were living with the great-grandmother, and well...history sorta repeated itself. Let me say, while the g-gm may not have been the best parent figure in the world, she did keep the girls in school with high grades. Tragic is the only word I can use to define their story. Mothers with teen daughters, be careful what you do and say around them; because, you may find them being a mirror-image of you some day.
Well, enough said. I'm going to return to the real world and the concerns of the day. Tally ho; and Godspeed. Btw, if you're the extant trying to dally in my affairs behind the scene, via this deceptive contraption, have fun...and remember the seeds you sow, you must someday harvest.



Pope Francis Celibacy "Solution", Two Brave Young Women, Border "Fix", & Sports not War

Pope Francis' "Solution" to Celibacy in the Church 
I would love to write about Pope Francis' addressing "solution" to celibacy in the Church, except there won't be anything of substance to write about until the clear solution is implemented. In the book of Genesis, God clearly says that it is not good for a man to be alone; thus He created the beautiful woman to be man's help-meet as his WIFE. God goes on to say that spouses should not deny the other, except for a time of fasting. So, there you have it. There is no need to seek a solution. It is right in the Good Book, clearly explained. So, when I read a headline that the Pope has renounced mandatory celibacy, via ban on marriage in the priest/sisterhood, then I will have something to write about. If God calls something good, then the opposite of this good is bad? Ugh, yes. Many a married church leader has been reduced to deacon because he chose the right and noble life of marriage; "punished" by the Church for obeying God. Some priests have even married in secret to serve God properly. Many have left the order to do what was right in their spirit to do: get married. Solution?  I think it's clear.

Malala and Texas-Teen Survivor: Different Worlds; Similar Stories
While Malala's visit to Nigeria may not help usher the release of the Nigerian girls, it certainly is inspirational to observe her courage in the midst of such turmoil against women. She is a young woman, people of all ages, races, genders, faiths should seek to emulate: knowing God has a Call on your life and not letting the threat of the enemy deter you. If you don't know Malala's story,  run a search. She is an example of doing the thing you know in your spirit to do for the greater good of all mankind.

Moving closer to home, and totally unrelated to Malala's story, but a heinous act of domestic violence, a few miles down the road, leaves a lone, female, teen-survivor to mourn the execution-style killings of her family at the hands of a deranged gunman, her uncle. Her heroic efforts were purely nothing less than supernatural intervention from a much Higher Realm. Grief comes in stages. Some people with strong faith, support, and conviction to not let evil win, excel in the midst of it. Prayers for her resilience in the days, months, years as she recovers from this unimaginable ordeal.

God, More Than Money, Will Define the "Fix" for Border Woes
Also, close to home, though a different note: As usual money fixes everything. Most recently, a request from President Obama for a staggering near four-billion dollars to "fix" the border crisis has me lifting my hands for help from a Higher Power, because the stories people entering in are beginning to share, make it very clear that adults posing in age as young teens, being members of gangs, just entering in, makes the phrase "do something" rhetorical because until this debacle ceases, money is only a temporary panacea. The problem with radio jocks is all they do is sit behind a mike, getting paid to talk and stir the pot, primarily doing nothing much more than that. I am reminded of Oprah Winfrey. She says she knows how every dime of her money is  spent. I look forward to seeing an outline of how the border money will be spent should it 'get by' Congress. If money is the answer, GreaT!; but, in the meantime I'll continue to pray for the USA.; because, it is clear a decades'-old problem that has grown exponentially out of hand, has at its root, a rumbling of volatility similar to that of the Civil Rights in the 60s. Just as those days rewrote American history, forever; so this 'under-the-radar' entrance into our nations may redefine America as we know her today. A quarter century from now, will English still be our first language? At the time of this writing, hundreds of unaccompanied children are settling in Chicago. Wow, as if the youth crisis in the Windy City isn't huge enough...

Germany Gets the World Cup; Cleveland Gets LeBron James, Again
On a lighter note, I'm not a soccer fan; but, congrats to Germany for their win. Congrats to Cleveland for getting your star-player Lebron James back. It's a win-win for Cleveland and James.  Oh, if sports could quell war, what a wonderful world this would be!

That's it! Another week.


Border Woes, Political Grandstanding, Wimbledon, Civil Wars, & July 4th

Wow. Until I started this endeavor a few weeks ago, I didn't realize how one week's news really does blend in with the next. This week's stories include border woes, political grandstanding, Wimbledon, civil wars, and the Fourth of July.

Border Woes

I won't linger on this topic. It is far too troubling to discuss people infiltrating our border, even as I write, with bold and callous audacity. I have learned that most have paid big bucks to make the trek to what they know as the "land of the free, and the home of the brave." Maybe it's a miscommunication; because though the U.S. is a land of the "free" people, it is not a cost-free nation. But, I have reached the conclusion that the problem larger than smugglers shooting the bird at border patrols as they drop people off on speed jets is the blatant fact that our borders are not secure; and yet, innocent children are patted down as criminals in airports across America. Tsk!

Political Grandstanding

I won't belabor this; but, it is clear that people pointing the finger at why the borders are not secure need to observe that three fingers are pointing right back at them. I don't need to hear why the borders are not secure. I just need someone to secure them. It is clearly a problem that has grown exponentially because of pure neglect: a job undone. It is clear that the people who ride in entourages of SUVs have a bit less concern on the matter than everyday folk who know the tax-dollars they pay are going to be spread a bit thinner. Tsk! Tsk!

Wimbledon Center Court

I don't watch tv often. There's nothing on much worth watching. However, Djokovich and Fedderer did not disappoint. Congrats to them both.

Nations on the Edge

Palestine & Israel, the Ukraine and Russia, Isis & Iraq, Kenya & its rebels make clear that worldwide, countries have unrest. As I watched the brave Americans who got off their kiesters and turned around busloads of people entering the nation illegally, I realized the USA is a nation bordering on a crisis all her own. Prayers are needed. In a Sunday sermon, a pastor suggested people fast breakfast and lunch on Mondays til 1p.m. for prayers for a peaceful and effective solution to crisis-matters worldwide.

Independence Day Felt Under Threat of  Irrelevance

I found myself having to grocery shop on the 4th. I could sense the mood of the people in my neighborhood was anything but celebratory. The cashier switched from speaking Spanish to English as I lay my items on the counter. No one I encountered along the way said, Happy Fourth of July, as I remember in the years' past. Perhaps we were all numbed by the shape of our borders. My nephew called and wished all a "happy" Fourth. I thought to myself, "Really?" Have you seen the news lately? You'd have to be out to lunch to think the most recent holiday  was a 'happy' one. I'd rather, and did say: Blessed Fourth of July; because compared to many nations we genuinely are a blessed people!

That's it. Another week.


Pro-Golfer's Short-Shorts, LeBron James Free Agent, Read to Your Babies, After The Fall Documentary & Unexpected Guests Tax-Payers' Expense

Sometimes one week's news topics look a whole lot like the previous one; just seven days blending into another week worth of same-old-same-old. It is true. Americans have short attention spans. If it is something that stirs their opinion, it becomes a hot topic. If it is above their ability to “solve” it takes a back-burner to much lighter conversations. It is true for me, for this week is about LeBron James, Michelle Wie, reading to infants, documentaries , and lastly, political grand-standing meets border crisis.

Women Should Dress For Success, Even If They Play For A Living

Let's start with golf. I love to tune in on weekends to watch a few rounds of golf. I am fascinated at the 99% Divine Favor, and 1% skill most sports-champions possess. As not to digress, this past weekend I was glad to see that women golfers were getting center stage on a non-cable network. I thought, this should be fun to watch, the men on one station, women on another. However, within minutes of watching the women's event, I realized that the unprofessional attire, especially of one, Michelle Wie, would make watching her “show what she's got: (pun intended) in mixed company for a very uncomfortable afternoon. I am not a prude, by a long stretch of the imagination. The short-shorts were not the problem as much as showing up to her professional gig in them. Before we get into a discussion about what she was wearing not having anything to do with her talents, I will hope that we can just politely agree to disagree. As I stated, I love to watch a good game of golf. As I deflected my attention from the women's competition because I saw women doing what the media uses them for, exploitation for sales, I compared how fully clad the male golfers were. Occasionally, some men wear too-tight pants; but, primarily you have men who clearly are not afraid that a bottom-cheek will be exposed because they're showing too much skin. By the way, there are a lot of fashion statements on the men's course as well. Okay, it's not about the men. It is about the women, and the one mentioned in particular. Her caddy had a bird's-eye view all afternoon of her straight back-bent posture in the, did I mention, too-short-for-work shorts. Grant it, if she was practicing, or just enjoying her day off, so be it. As mentioned, the problem was not the shorts per se; but, the fact that she was on national television, showing young aspiring women that to be a professional golfer you might just have to take on the look of a professional of a whole other kind. I am just saying. She is not the only one by any means. But, I think it is time women start thinking about how so many young girls are trafficked for sex; and consider putting the brakes on sex-y in sports. If you are skilled, you do not have to bimbo your way to the top. The Wie I saw Sunday, was light years from the 10-year-old who entered the golf stage a few years ago. Enough said. I watched her final rounds, realizing the stance was not the problem. The scanty shorts were. Her walk was not so much that of a confident young woman; but, instead, a woman who had defiance written on her spirit. As stated, enough said.

Lebron James Has A Bounty of Blessings: Family Man & Free-Agent

I have to say, for several reasons, I was not surprised that Lebron James chose to become a free-agent. I am glad he made the decision. After all, it really was a no-brainer. My son is a big fan of James', and showed a photo-enhanced version of James in a Rocket's jersey (LOL!) I am not a betting person, but I assured him James has no more flavor for Houston, than he had for Miami. He says it is all business. I believe, in this case, it is far more than that. From where I stand, James is at the peak of not only his career; but, personal life as well. I learned from my daughter that he is expecting his first daughter soon; and, thankfully, he did the right and noble thing by marrying the love of his life, mother of his children. So, the fact that he knows what winning a championship feels like, leads me to believe that his next move will be somewhere that feels like home, either for him or his wife. I was told she misses the West Coast. But, be that as it may, truth is, I make one prediction. If he had his druthers, he would sign with a northern east-coast team so fast, and never look back. My son laughed boisterously when I said he would sign with New York. He started naming players. I had no clue who he was talking about. James needs the feel of the people he identifies with most, fire in the belly. He needs the vibe of the urban city flowing through his veins. That one-man show against San-Antonio a few weeks ago was a disgrace; not to him, but to everything NBA FINALS. As I was preparing this I learned Wade has also decided to take the free-agent route. The upcoming season should be interesting; very interesting.

Reading to Your Babies, Good for Them

Mothers read to your babies in the womb. I heard a report this week that a cure for illiteracy is reading to infants. It may not be a cure, but it is a start. I believe in the research that says children benefit from hearing music, and being read to while in-uterus. As a parent, and former elementary-ed teacher, I am a firm believer that phonetic literacy eradicates illiteracy. If a child can sound a word, the vocabulary and comprehension skills will develop in time. Teaching reading without a focus on phonics with early-ed children is a disservice. So mamas, read to your babies. The sooner you start reading to them, the sooner they will be able to read to you. Sound out the sounds letters make, demonstrating how they come together to form words. Conquering illiteracy starts at home, long before Pre-K begins. School-readiness begins with the parent. Btw, may I recommend Val Arie's book: "Birds, Birds, Everywhere...Fly Away, Fly Away, Fly Away Home." It will make a very good 1st read for new arrivals.  

Documentary After the Fall Worth the Look

I love documentaries, and short films. I watched a very good documentary this week, in fact I watched it twice. It was on PBS, and is called “AFTER THE FALL.” Every young adult thinking they have forever to do what they are purposed on earth to do should take the time to watch this. Life is not promised. And when life gives you lemons, it may take a while, but you can make some flavorful lemonade with the right mix of people in your life, and a belief that everything is with purpose, even those things we cannot explain. I was reminded of a dear friend who has MS. Her kids are adults now, but, I remembered she called me one day, after work in overwhelming tears. She was a newlywed and had learned that she was with child; only to be told by her doctors that she should abort. Well, after a conversation with “Ms. Positive” and a reminder to her that God does not make mistakes, and whatever the outcome, He planted the seed. We agreed that He would decide the embryo's fate, and hers. Years later, she has given birth to two beautiful daughters, with the help of her very supportive and faith-filled husband. This documentary is worth the watch, especially if you are a young 20-something, or any age for that matter, dragging your feet.

Government Seeking Funds Upfront to Pay Tab For 'Unexpected Guests'
And now, to the last topic for the week simply because I am still unable to stop shaking my head every time I see young children strolling onto U.S. soil like, I don't even know what like. It is an exodus of sorts. Wow, I always imagined getting into America was a rummage through your suitcase, check your papers at the borders type nation. Obviously not. What makes matters even more eye-rolling, and head shaking are the politicians who all of a sudden have something to say about a decades' old matter, whose escalating numbers are clearly out of control. It is noble that the Arizona governor is continuing her fight; but, sadly, I am not encouraged that tax-paying people of the U.S. will be able to avoid the bill on this one. Not-for-profits, and 503-C churches and organizations are seeing a way to make a profit by sheltering-in. It is clear, that we have to take care of the children once they enter in; but, wow, this is one I simply do not get. On behalf of all the innocent people who have been violated in the boarding line while being checked for terroristic weaponry, tsk! Clearly, the frisks are not about America, but safeguarding the property of airlines. If it was really about America and Americans, the U.S.-Mexico border would be sealed securely.

Well, that's it. Another week.


Unwinnable Wars, Unsecure Borders, Presidential Prospects, Student-Loan Debt & Juneteenth

Turmoil in Iraq Reminds Me of America's Own Internal Battles, Past & Present 

It is amazing how fast time flies. Already another week in the history books; and decades from now, if the story is told accurately it will be filled with opportunities for lessons learned. At the time of this writing Iraq is on the brink of total government collapse with ISIL/ISIS seizing territory on all sides, making a strong case for why politicians should think long and hard before starting 'unwinnable wars.' It is a bit late, and probably will never happen let the yarners spin it; but, Rand Paul suggests that the people should vote for whether they want to invest in a war that requires U.S. Troops. Unwinnable wars simply help fuel the fires of far too many conspiracy theorists on the airwaves and in the local pubs across America. My prayers are for the people of Iraq, who as most people in the universe, simply want to live peaceably with their fellow man. As I listened to the news, I could not help but ponder U.S. history and how hundreds of years ago, our beautiful nation, too, had internal fighting because one group of people wanted to enslave another. And, I thought of the Civil Rights marches, rallies, and killings of the 60s which reminded me of a non-militia-type war of the races, and power of the people. And, as I listened with relief as President Obama assured U.S. citizens that our war-weary nation and military will not be returning to this battlefield, with a reminder that our offer to keep reinforcement troops in Iraq was declined, I could not help but think about the fact that our own nation is under siege by immigrants illegally flooding the U.S. border. 
Border Crossings A Modern-Day Version of Mexican-American War of 1800s
I was both amazed and dismally shaken at the sight of undocumented people rising up from the Rio Grande River onto U.S. soil by the thousands, and even more coming in by plane from countries that extend far beyond Mexico. I was bewildered at what I was seeing, and could not help but wonder if this crisis would be perceived as more dire if the invaders were people of Haitian or African roots. Would people coming in with wooly hair and dark as night skin be received with far less patience than those currently coming in? I was taken back to 9-11 and the trillions spent on two didn't-take-a- rocket-scientist-to-know unwinnable wars; not to mention millions of innocent lives lost of those in bombs' way, and soldiers in the battle, both foreign and domestic. And, I thought of how we fight for the welfare of other oil-rich countries, while our own country is under an attack of its own. I am reminded of the Mexican-American War of the 1800s; and, the undercurrent of people whose goal is to bring America to her knees by having children that our government (taxpayers) will have to provide for. Tsk! And, somehow I can not help but wonder if this will be America's next war, Act Two. I can imagine how quickly things will unravel should we start instant deportation; once caught, a one-way ticket back home at the receiving country's expense. Of course, something that decisive will never happen because well,...I will leave the reasoning to the paid mike-jocks and conspiracy theorists.

Unfinished Border-Fence A Clear Welcome Sign to All Who Boldly Enter In

Third on the list of attention-getters for me this week, and linked indirectly to the border issue, was seeing with most sincere embarrassment that ginormous, incomplete, well-constructed fence that was supposed to keep non-citizens out of the U.S. and serve as a dividing line with Mexico. I am certain millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on some grand idea the previous administration started and well...tsk! There is a saying where we live: Git 'er done. And, I ask myself how someone who can not finish a fence, and secure with great penalty who gets in and out of this country, really expect my vote at the polls? It is clear that politicians are not really worried about terrorists by the looks of the bold entrance into our country via footpaths. I am flabbergasted! I genuinely do not know who I will vote for in 2016. I thought I had a clue; but, of late, it is clear, I do not. I only know that no one on the radar screen is a genuine attention getter. Did I hear that Romney may run again? As of today, I hope he does; possibly Rand Paul as V-P. Sadly, Perry's gaffe on homosexuality and that embarrassingly, incomplete border fence has me realizing it will take more than he is representing to get the GOP nod. All things are possible; but, in this case, not probable considering he will have to explain the border issue in debates. Enough said; I will move on.

Best Hope For Self & Future Offspring: Just Say No to STUDENT LOANS!

Monday's quiet announcement that the President's plan to help people drowning in student-loan debt (SLD) was squashed comes as no real surprise. I have to agree with the conspiracy theorists on this one. The dirty little secret about SLD is for poor people to stay in debt, and become increasingly poorer. Why else would tens of thousands of dollars be given to young and old people with no credit, bad credit, and zero collateral and zero job, all under the guise of attaining a better life? It is head-shaking and disgusting. Let's face it: The gig is up on the student-loan scheme and yet people, in a desperate attempt to earn a decent education, to even get in the running for the handful of jobs, are jumping into this cesspool abyss with nothing more to show than a lifetime of misery attached to the goose that offered a golden egg. I will advise anyone who is not in this pot to get a no-degree-required job for five years, stay home til you are 23, save money like nobody's business, and decide at that time if you really need college. Go on a part-time, pay as-you-go basis. Too many people, self included, are walking around with a financial noose around their neck, and no job prospects. Let me shout it from the rooftops: CHANGE starts with JUST Saying NO to STUDENT LOANS!!! 

Juneteenth Worth Remembering; But U.S. Citizens In More Bondage than Ever 
And lastly, this week African Americans celebrated Juneteenth; freedom from slavery. And I could not help but observe how in so many ways, not just blacks, but the American people in general are more in bondage today than ever. They are as mentioned, trillions in student-loan debt, and relying on the too-many people not working, unemployment dime, unlike the '50s buy a home, car in driveway, chicken in pot. I know that is over-glamorizing; but, I can honestly say that when my parents were in their 20s they were married, my dad bought a house with a zero down-payment on the GI bill, we had a new car, and yes, the chicken was always in the pot. Today, I see 20-something males and older PLAYING video games with no hard-work ethics, no children, no desire for the responsibility of a wife and family, and 20-something women realizing pickings are very slim. A landowner made an offhand remark about blacks being better off as slaves and got in a heap of trouble with people. No one wants to be a slave. No one wants to be owned by another person, wealthier than themselves; but, people want to eat. People want to make a living, and at the end of the day be able to see what they have labored hard for. That is not happening to the degree that it should be today. The rich are clearly richer, contrary to the fact that they boast of leaving the White House 'broke.' And the poor are clearly poorer, or as poor as they were decades ago. Freedom does not come without a fight to say no to things that can keep you in bondage for life. For decades America has been fighting wars on drugs, AIDS, No Child Left Behind, poverty, crime. Today, freedom is wearing the mask of dom-free; receiving a whole lot of pseudo-free at a back-end price. Poverty stories are not new. Capitalism still lives. Ingenuity is key. A friend recently wrote a children's book. The link is listed below if you want to take a look. Will it make her rich? I don't know; but, what I do know is she made the effort to rise from the ash heap, and not wait for another job rejection email to arrive in her inbox. Best wishes Val Arie!

That's it! Another week.


POW Release, School Menus, Gun Sense, Privacy in the Home, & Remembering Maya Angelou

Five for One or One for Five 

     The first topic that had me ‘scratching my head’ a bit was the release of FIVE Guantanamo POW’s in exchange for one of our military guys; who to some is a deserter, and others a soldier to be celebrated. I have heard enough to agree with the President on one matter. If we have a soldier that we can bring back ‘home,’ then let’s do it. There is a whole lot of behind-the-scenes murmuring about the role his parents played in getting him special attention to be released. I would expect that of any parent wanting to free a child from harm’s way; however, ultimately, I hope that a court martial will determine his guilt or innocence. If he is guilty of desertion, and innocent countrymen died trying to save him, then, I would hope the penalty will reflect his guilt. Now that he is back on U.S. soil, clearly not ready for his family, only time will tell how this plays out. My question remains…why five of theirs for one of ours? Perhaps the goal is to shut down Guantanamo, which may help explain the numbers.

Schools May Be Culpable for Obese Children

     Another discussion worth noting is the continued conversations about what school children are eating on the lunch menu. Let me say, I believe the First Lady’s effort to have learners eat healthier is a noble cause. As I walk through the grocery store it saddens me to see the obese population of all ages, but more so that of children and young adults. My generation grew up on rice and beans, greens and cornbread, and meat as a side, not a main course. How simple it would be to take the fake chicken nuggets off the menu and replace it with food for the soul. How simple it would be if each classroom had a garden plot and students, teachers, and parent-volunteers to raise the vegetables they ate for lunch. Unlike today, I grew up in a time when breakfast and dinner were eaten at home. Lunch was brought from home, and usually a bologna sandwich, with chips, a pickle, a piece of fruit, and milk in a thermos. My parents prepared breakfast every morning. Even though I have rarely tolerated food before the brunch hour, and avoided breakfast on school days; I would enjoy a dozen biscuits in one sitting on weekends, if allowed. Weight was not a factor for us as children, because we were not allowed to stay inside if the weather was good to play in. The occasional overweight child stood out as to be pitied, because southern heat is brutal, even for the leanest. Some research proves out that people who have overweight children usually link some cultural attachment to extra pounds symbolizing a well-fed and cared for child; which is far from the truth in modern times. Fat children and people in general, is a symbol of too much fat food, usually obtained in the FAsT-food lane. Because I am proof that children do just fine with cut up fruit and a glass of orange juice til lunchtime, I believe the government should stop with the breakfast line in the mornings. Fruit should be made available for children as they desire, even during class hours for first-grade on, and the children should get a healthy, hot meal, primarily of grains and vegetables for lunch. I worked as a teacher decades ago, and gained significant weight my first year in the classroom. Veteran teachers warned me that eating in the cafeteria would wreak havoc on your waistline. So, hmm…might it be schools making our kids fat? 

Gun Owners Must Possess Sense

     The third bit of news that seems to be amping up relates to gun rights. I believe our constitution states that U.S. citizens have the right to bear arms. That can be a good thing if you are hunting, traveling alone, or to have as protection from intruders entering your home. For most Americans, sensible reasons to carry concealed makes sense. But, that’s where the line gets murky: sensible. It makes zero sense to walk into a major burger joint, or cramped convenience store, or big-box store with a huge rifle (or whatever) strapped across your chest. Nor, does it make sense to walk around in public, unless your job requires you to do so, with a firearm holstered onto your hip. In most cases, people using poor judgment on when and where to pack in public, makes it difficult for people who simply want a little extra protection or to use guns for sport. If you’re of  ‘sound mind’ and packing heat in the grocery store, great!; but, I don’t need to know it for general purposes. I am glad to know a person trained in firearms, has my back if I find myself in some unforeseen war zone. More than a background check, I believe anyone wanting to purchase a weapon must pass a 21-count test of emotional stability. I know it is not fool-proof; but, psychological imbalance seems to be a recurring root for the growing gun-violence in public settings. Descriptors as “quiet” and “never-seemed threatening” simply doesn’t make you okay to buy such an item that requires such grave responsibility. What does? I will leave that to a consensus team of experts. Btw, I made up the 21-count test. It doesn’t exist, yet; but, let’s say one objective for every year required to purchase.

When You Lose Right to Speak Mind in Own Home: BEWARE

     Next on the list of current events that furrowed my brow dealt with another freedom under threat. It is a civil rights of sorts. No, not the most obvious of civil rights; but one born from violating the rights of what one is allowed to say in the privacy of his or her, own home. This involves a very wealthy business owner, of a very public basketball franchise, and what he said “in the heat of the moment” inside his should-be very private home, by someone of very questionable integrity. For a few words, displaying insecurity in relationship, common to most couples when feeling demeaned, he is under threat of losing his business. Say what? It really matters little what he said. I have a little idea; but, truth is what he said had absolutely nothing to do with his integrity as the owner of the team. Presumably, as with most bosses, he had the final say on who was hired, and who was fired, blah, blah. He was responsible for how much they were paid, and that they got paid. Seriously, do you really believe the players cared what he said? Standing in solidarity, while getting paid, and still working, does not equate to walking off the team, with picket signs, boycotting their boss, with loss of income. No, you know what that would have gotten them? Fired, and replaced; not to mention, for most, banned from ever working in the NBA again. I am reminded of the words of Jesus: “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.” From the least offense you said in the privacy of your home, to the greatest, you would feel very violated and insecure if you knew it was under scrutiny to your livelihood. This is a clear case of entrapment, and everyone needs to do the opposite of what the team owner should do: Let it go!

Maya Angelou: A Montage of Womanhood

     And lastly, though far from least, is the celebration of the life of one of my most favorite people on the planet: Maya Angelou. I was an instant fan of hers after buying “The Heart of a Woman” in my 30s. I smile whenever I hear in my mind’s ear her recitation of "Phenomenal Woman" and "I Rise". She lived what one could call a “full life.” Most people die with their seeds in their hand, never planting the talents given them at birth. She will be always fondly remembered in my spirit. I have asked my talented artist-daughter to paint a portrait of her for my upcoming birthday to hang as a reminder of her encouraging vibrancy; when the people in my life seem to frown on my effort to be a free-spirit. As a writer, I will glean from her smile the hope one needs to stay true to God and self; not always an easy task. When I receive the gift, I will place a link to share. I know there are many portraits of her in circulation; but, for such a special person, I want my own original; as a reminder that somewhere in the universe, closer than most believe, she lives on.

That’s it; week one completed. With consistency, I will have at least 52 entries per year. Admittedly, my blogging consistency has been on the back-burner for a while. Real life, under the category of needing and desiring a real-paying job has hindered time spent offering the unsolicited opinions of Mytu Sense. But, of late, in spite of the need to conquer student-loan debt (a conversation upcoming); my yen to share my voice has been rising to the top. Starting today, my goal is to post a weekly blog highlighting my thoughts on five current events, with a deadline of 5 a.m. Monday.



The Butler v. Nebraska: Really?

Okay. I will try to keep this as brief as possible since real-world life issues are prevalent (i.e. j-o-b quest meets "student" debts; a whole other conversation while mourning the loss of a close relative). Recently, a family get together turned into a Redbox semi-marathon. I found myself watching two movies released in 2013, namely Nebraska and The Butler. I really wanted to see what the hoopla was about with the first, and fought tooth and nails against the other because of my perception of it being just another "yessa' boss" movie.
Well, long story short, Nebraska ended up being two hours of "Do you want to eject it and watch something else?" to which I determindely replied, "No, it has to get better. Let's keep watching." Well, it didn't get better, and I was admittedly a bit 'perturbed' that something this lacking in depth could get an Oscar nod.
Without belaboring the point, this is an everyday story for millions of people caring for an elderly parent on some sad level. Yes, it had an "optimistic" ending if you want to believe that the senior wasn't going to demand that he drive the truck as he pleased since his name was on the title. This was a case of untreated dementia in the making with lacking social services. Ridiculous.
So, without planning, I found myself booting up the DVD-player to watch, of all things, The Butler. Within the first few minutes I wanted to turn it off, move on to something else; but, with others watching, I stayed with it. Halfway through the movie, really sooner, I realized something terrible had happened in Hollywood. Barring the seedy role of Gooding, Jr. this movie had depth, and character, and every other thing that one should have to get an Oscar yahoo. I am a fan of Forest Whitaker's work; but, felt his participation in an oppressive-black-man role might just have been a fly in the ointment of his career. Was I ever wrong. He told an important story that can translate into modern-day flair. And Oprah? Let me preface this by saying I had a much-unexpected, literal laugh-out-loud moment at the end, when I thought about Nebraska getting an Oscar wave, and this one being "dissed." I don't follow movie news enough to pay attention, but I can remember distant rumblings about Oprah being short-changed. She was. Let's face it, she is an "actress" who can handle her own in a given role. She's proven it before. She did so again in this movie. The question then began on the why of the matter. Why was this movie overlooked for a chance at winning an Oscar? I concluded:
It wasn't because it was a poorly made movie. It was actually very good; barring the annoying role mentioned earlier. It wasn't because Oprah was put in her place to show that a younger woman of color could "upstage" her. Not so. I don't even think that the promoting of the current sitting president was what ruined its chances; well not directly so anyway. I believe it failed to get a nod for two reasons: One being that there really wasn't enough room in the room for two black movies to potentially win; and the other being that in all fairness, had Whitaker chosen to use a character portrayal of President Obama instead of the actual person, the inference would have lessened the bias the movie association would have had to refute had it won.
Overall, something went terribly wrong with the Oscar bids. I will never know truly how Nebraska got a nod and The Butler didn't. Oh well, all of these actors are rich and have moved on. Back to real-world flavor. Blah, blah.
Oh, one more thing, off cue: I think Oprah's father's ex ought to say thank you for the offer of the 'everyday' person's house, and know that Oprah bought the mansion for her dad, not the ex. Mytu Sense has spoken:)!


Oscars 2014 in the History Books, and Still Causing A Buzz

The Oscars for 2014 is in the history books. I actually watched the entire event on mute, occasionally reading the captions; realizing that the scripted questions and answers on the red carpet would soon sound like Charlie Brown’s mother: “Wonk, wonk.” In the next few lines, I will try not to name names. You know who you are.
Sons would not deny their mothers, but, mothers really should stand in the shadows during interviews. Let the grown kids be grown. Wives should not have to graciously let you take ‘center stage’. It is enough that adult children honor the parents in reward speeches. Equally so, grown children should not outshine the parent’s recognition on center stage making it unclear who is really the star. That said, I think husbands should stand with their wives on the red-carpet stage, no matter how uncomfortable the few minutes may be.
Moving on, there were several ‘beautiful’ gowns; but, honestly none really stood out. Perhaps the events in the Ukraine caused stars to select more demure colors. The most memorable, aside from the bold red worn by Jennifer Lawrence, and pale blue on Lupita Nyong’o, was Cate Blanchett’s; a little busy; however, I suppose apropos for her achievement.
People seem split on the host. Ellen was who she is, a hyperactive comedian. She carried the show; and, made a memorable line at the beginning about 12 Years a Slave; paraphrased here: “Or maybe you’re all just racists.” My eyebrows raised, but, I have to agree. Nearly two decades into a new millennium, does the U.S. really need another two-hour reminder of her blight? I have not, and will not watch the movie 12 Years a Slave. Roots was plenty enough for a lifetime. I believe the movie could have been condensed to a short film to remind people of all races and creeds that just as the Holocaust, we should never forget. However, at some point it becomes suspicious of heinous pleasure against a people, and women.
As the night wore on, I was glad to see that only three movies really were in the running. No offense, but American Hustle was a hustle. I mean, the 70s were really out there, but really not so grand to want to relive on the big screen. And learning that DeCaprio’s movie had 500 f-bombs: tsk tsk, not harming my precious center with that junk. I think people are still remembering him from Django. Speaking of, a lot of people are throwing thumbs up for Jamie Foxx hosting the Oscars in ’15. Maybe. I am one who believes Billy Crystal or Steve Martin still could make for an entertaining evening.    
But it’s over. I won’t bother to see Gravity because, even though Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, just as Roots, Apollo13 was sufficient. I hope to eventually see Nebraska, The Great Gatsby, and August:Osage County with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.
In closing, I’d be amiss to not mention the lady who burst into one of my favorite songs about God’s Eye being on the sparrow; and the beautiful Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.” I ‘listened’ via the caption, and knew based on the standing-o’s that their performances did not disappoint.
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David Letterman Still Late-Night's Shining Star

I predict that after the fireworks settle, Fallon will go the way of Conan. Late night viewers would rather a movie more than another attempt to dethrone Letterman; who by the way, has nothing to worry about. He is funny without all the hoopla!  It was fun to see the parade of stars; but, that can't last, and clearly CBS mega names were not there. So, I presume they will show up on the Letterman stage soon. Speaking of, kudos to Oprah. She appears to have conquered her food demons. Mahvelous!


"In-Recovery" Best Words An Addict Can Use to Stay Strong

Sad is the best word to define any life, especially a super-talented life, snuffed out at the hands of a wicked demon called drug addiction. My daughter returned from church yesterday afternoon to ask if I'd heard about "My Capote." I stared into my cup, with furrowed brow as I poured a fresh cup of coffee. My Capote, I asked? What could possibly be said about Capote? After all, he died decades ago. I shook my head in wonder, as she replied; "No, the guy in the movie you love, Capote." No,  I hadn't heard because I was enjoying the rare silence of the day. She acknowledged that he had died; and, suddenly I realized that as many, I did not know his name, as I do now; respectfully Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I believe his name was elusive primarily because he was one of those dynamic actors who stayed under the radar by capturing the essence of the character he played so well, that he actually became that person to his audiences. Yes, in postmortem, I know the work of Philip Seymour Hoffman; and I know, based on one of my favorite movies, the greatness of his work. Admittedly, there are a small number of movies that I view several times a year because each time I watch, I am a better human being after the fact. I don't read novels; thus, I have never read Capote's masterpiece. However, I do like stories about the life of fascinating people, especially writers, which is partly why I fell in love with Hoffman's portrayal of Truman Capote.
It is an award-winning movie because for approximately two hours one genuinely forgets that the character is not the actual person portrayed. Although Hoffman's death is a tragedy, it is also a reminder to the millions who are in-recovery, and those who should be in rehab headed towards recovery, that there is no cure for addiction. He is an example that falling off the wagon decades later, can mean one "hit" away from relapse, worse yet, even death. Those who knew him best, such as the estranged partner, knew something was just not right. Sadly, addicts have to hide for dual reasons. The first reason is because their only relief is the high. Secondly, the monkey on their back rides them morning, noon, and night til it gets its way. This is what makes an illicit drug the demon that it is. May he now finally rest in peace.
If you are an addict, your best help begins with the knowledge that you simply cannot do it alone; and, though many don't want to accept this truth: The Holy-Ghost seems to be the only Power that can quench the fire, scratch the itch, purge the urge. May God Bless the family, and soul of My Capote, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Amen.