"In-Recovery" Best Words An Addict Can Use to Stay Strong

Sad is the best word to define any life, especially a super-talented life, snuffed out at the hands of a wicked demon called drug addiction. My daughter returned from church yesterday afternoon to ask if I'd heard about "My Capote." I stared into my cup, with furrowed brow as I poured a fresh cup of coffee. My Capote, I asked? What could possibly be said about Capote? After all, he died decades ago. I shook my head in wonder, as she replied; "No, the guy in the movie you love, Capote." No,  I hadn't heard because I was enjoying the rare silence of the day. She acknowledged that he had died; and, suddenly I realized that as many, I did not know his name, as I do now; respectfully Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I believe his name was elusive primarily because he was one of those dynamic actors who stayed under the radar by capturing the essence of the character he played so well, that he actually became that person to his audiences. Yes, in postmortem, I know the work of Philip Seymour Hoffman; and I know, based on one of my favorite movies, the greatness of his work. Admittedly, there are a small number of movies that I view several times a year because each time I watch, I am a better human being after the fact. I don't read novels; thus, I have never read Capote's masterpiece. However, I do like stories about the life of fascinating people, especially writers, which is partly why I fell in love with Hoffman's portrayal of Truman Capote.
It is an award-winning movie because for approximately two hours one genuinely forgets that the character is not the actual person portrayed. Although Hoffman's death is a tragedy, it is also a reminder to the millions who are in-recovery, and those who should be in rehab headed towards recovery, that there is no cure for addiction. He is an example that falling off the wagon decades later, can mean one "hit" away from relapse, worse yet, even death. Those who knew him best, such as the estranged partner, knew something was just not right. Sadly, addicts have to hide for dual reasons. The first reason is because their only relief is the high. Secondly, the monkey on their back rides them morning, noon, and night til it gets its way. This is what makes an illicit drug the demon that it is. May he now finally rest in peace.
If you are an addict, your best help begins with the knowledge that you simply cannot do it alone; and, though many don't want to accept this truth: The Holy-Ghost seems to be the only Power that can quench the fire, scratch the itch, purge the urge. May God Bless the family, and soul of My Capote, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Amen.