The Best Way to Honor Jahi McMath is to Let God Have His Way

There's been a lot of conversation recently based on the unfortunate complications with Jahi McMath's surgery, about what family members should do when a person has been diagnosed as "brain dead". I believe, "absent from the body, and being present with the Lord" (2 Corinthians 5:8) thus, deceased, is better than life in these earthen vessels, according to the Christian faith. If God is ready for a person, we should not interfere using manmade devices to delay or deter the inevitable.
I'm certain Jahi has gotten a glimpse of how wonderful life is outside of the shell laying in the hospital bed, and perhaps is why she's not fighting to return. As a mother, there is no easy decision; but, there is a necessary one. It's called letting go and yes, letting God have His Way. Remember Lazarus? He had no life support. He was dead. Jesus showed that with God, all things are possible (John 11:1-44). This is why we have to let go when the time comes to let our loved ones (including ourselves) enter the better place Christians are promised.
When man gets in the way of God, he only makes life more difficult for himself. God wants to bless Jahi with an opportunity to be completely healed beyond a ventilator and feeding tubes. In faith, and in love, we have to let Him. Letting her go, probably means fighting a legal battle that will allow her memory to live on. Clearly, something went terribly wrong and proves there is no 'simple' surgery. Prayers for all involved. Removing the ventilator allows God to do as He wills.