Tis the Time of Year Teachers Ponder Walking Away From the Profession

Teaching is a ministry. It is not for the faint of heart to work with children who come to the table with problems most people can't begin to fathom. People call it burnout when they simply have more desire than energy to carry out the passion, not so much because of the children, as much as the red-tape and hoops the socialist agenda requires. Prayerfully, you'll join, or start a group sharing how change can be created. Your story is not unique, as you stated. Change starts with refusing to sign a contract which says you have to teach to a test. Change starts with calling Congress in droves to spark discussion for change. Teaching to the test is synonymous with giving kids meds for ADD: Big companies are making millions which helps keep the hamsters (teachers) on the wheel to do the impossible: Bring a non-reading 5th grader to grade level in 9 months, permeating the belief that the teacher and the learner failed. Hopefully summer break will refresh you, and you'll give it another try (for the kids). Of course, if your wick is spent, I genuinely understand and hope you find something as rewarding. Few things are. I believe once a teacher always a teacher. So, somewhere, maybe Sunday school, you'll find yourself teaching youngsters. They need a loving person. Sometimes teachers are the only love they experience. Sad, but you know. After all, you wished you could say...Best for you. I'm here if you need to talk. I'm here.

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Toya, Toya, Toya, Girl! Count to TEN!!!!!

Okay, first and foremost Praises to God that Baltimore's civil unrest has ceased. Thankfully, too, to know that the majority of the trouble was caused by the may I say, not surprising, hormones-on-steroids teens. Mind you, I'm not making excuses for them; but....some can hit the rewind button and realize those were some fueled years for people who later turned out to be really responsible parents and citizens.

Moving from that point to the gist of this post, I tried with all I had not to watch the video of the Mom who opened the can on her son, in public I might add. Not that doing this in private would be any more productive, I watched the video. My reaction was as most people's, but it's clear she's doing something right because a lot of children might have floored the person throwing blows.When I saw this happening I thought she might end up with a domestic violence charge; but, to my surprise this afternoon when signing on to the news, she's a hero. Who would have thunk it? My goodness. She's the person you want with you if you get lost in a dark alley. No, just kidding, or maybe not!

To you Toya. I understand your frustration with a misbehavin' teen. I know your fight to keep him on the straight and narrow. However, if you rethink this, I'm going to ask this be the last time you ever raise your hand to him or anyone else; barring self-defense, of course. My kids are well-past the teen years;' but, I had a puberty rule, which I enacted long before that. Bottom line, I do not believe a child who has entered the pubescent years should be physically punished, not even a tap on the hand. I think there are too many things that can be taken away, i.e shoes, pods, games, privileges. The message you sent was, dare I say?...wrong. As a mother I understand your frustration, so I won't belabor the point. I know for a fact you, as most mothers in these difficult years, are doing the best you can. I think by the pictures this 'child' might even be a father, clearly a grown man. I know you love him, and did what you thought was best; but, uhm, let's try re-phraseology here...this was not the right thing to do.

In closing, good luck Toya on finding a gig. I'm sure now that you've gotten face time, and a viral YouTube video, you probably won't need a job for long. I'm very concerned that we send a detrimentally wrong message when we 'lose it' with anyone; but especially people we love. The goal is to teach those who we're here to mentor (our children) a better way. For a fact, violence isn't it. But, again; not judging because you did what you did out of love and the frustration of a defiant teen's behavior. It's a new day. Your actions have made you a hero. But, unfortunately a 'smart' child will see this and call 9-1-1, and CPS in one swoop to have a parent arrested. So, guys, this made good YouTube; but, I wouldn't recommend this behavior in everyday settings. I wouldn't recommend it at all. Peace. And again, Praise God for peace!


Baltimore's Act A Blatant Mockery of Everything Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Died For

Okay, America. I’ve avoided writing about the Baltimore civil-rights debacle. But today’s looting of a local pharmacy makes clear my premise that it’s not really all about the latest suspect’s alleged demise at the hands of police. Thieves looting a store and criminals destroying city property is about something totally unrelated to protesting an unjust act. I could only shake my head and wonder who was missing in the development of these bad actors’ lives? Clearly, I saw people taking advantage of a situation and stealing things that clearly….exhale…breathe, Mytu.
Protesting is one thing. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s peace-movement was effective because his non-violence proved on what side of the fence the problem rested. His ability to verbalize the need for non-violence created change. I’m not sure who is leading the civil-rights movement today; presuming there is one; but, they are failing miserably at promoting peace.
It almost seems as if there is an undercurrent of fabricated chaos that is unraveling every attempt made in the 60s to right wrongs. It’s good there’s a curfew. Right now, I’m thinking good luck with that. I’m literally shaking my head. I am at a rare loss for words.
It almost makes me tempted to question if African-American males on the wrong side of the law aren’t possibly putting themselves in suicide-by-cop confrontations that resort in their deaths, spurning unrest among the people. I’m simply saying the scenarios seem to keep playing out the same way. At the bottom line of each incident the suspect resists arrest on some level, or foolishly attempts to grab an officer’s firearm, or worse, points a threatening weapon at a cop. None of those scenarios are wise.
Some might argue relevance, but in each of these cases, the offenders’ families will be the wealthier. Tonight the streets of Baltimore are overflowing with disaster.  People who rely on selling goods at the game venues are losing money tonight because a pro-game had to be canceled. If this city continues to be under civil arrest the pro-teams will simply hold their games in other arenas. The people with the money will not lose; it’s the little guy trying to make ends meet who will suffer.
As I watched the mayor’s press conference, I saw background video of a lot of youngsters being somewhere they weren’t supposed to be. Let’s see…it’s Monday…a school day? Or did I miss the memo: A funeral shut down classes?...Maybe so.
Guardians of youngsters, tonight you OWE it to them to teach that resisting arrest will not end in their favor. Nor will fleeing, or attempting to flee…Prayers for peace America. Prayers for peace.


Suicide of Child-Star Sweeten, Clearly a Light Shining on a Quiet Epidemic

Teen suicide is on the rise in the United States. Most recently, child-actor Sawyer Sweeten, 19, ended his life. While disturbing, it's far from shocking. Life is difficult. Life is complicated. Life is many things that can make a person question a reason for longevity. But question we must.

The Bible alludes to after-life existing in both heaven and hell, beyond this physical presence on earth. Examples include the evil man who begged that his brothers be warned about the wrath of hell; and, Elijah in heaven being called from the dead, asking why the person chose to 'bother' him (Luke 16:28, 1Samuel 28:15).  The Bible even alludes to strong men who died by falling on their own sword (1 Chronicles 10:5).

Some consider suicide an unpardonable sin. The Bible does not support this as truth. Yes, the sixth Commandment says 'Thou shalt not kill." But, Moses murdered a man, even fled to the countryside to avoid punishment; but, clearly God pardoned his sin (Exodus 2:11-15). There are many other Bible outlaws who murdered that God went on to use for His Glory and the greater good.

Personally, I don't believe suicide is the wisest choice. Your heart is beating for a reason bigger than what's going on in your life right now. I grew up in a culture where therapy was only for the insane. Thankfully, this ridiculous myth is lessening; but, even so, it is reported that funding is far from adequate, explaining why so few people seek and receive help. Certainly, credentials for the helping-profession need to be less stringent when working with clients expressing non-life-threatening concerns. Also, liability and costs for service should be lowered. Of course, this means fewer dollars to Big-Pharma and, a close second, the fat coffers of colleges and universities; so don't hold your breath.

To the Sweeten family, my condolences. On behalf of everyone who has recently lost a loved one, particularly to suicide, my condolences. Why God doesn't intercept some acts is one of life's many mysteries.Most likely, the answer remains shrouded because its far beyond our ability to process. In the days, years ahead, a family will find strength, hopefully in faith and spiritual counseling, to not so much understand, but gradually accept that suicide is a choice.

My inner-therapist would love to know if he was on prescription meds for mental help. This seems to be the go-to solutions for anyone admitting to anxiety on any level. I am a believer in the holistic-approach to healing; getting to the root of the problem is imperative to grasping the solution. Clearly, happy-pills have consequence and should be used for stabilizing a client, not creating dependency.

Allow me to end with this thought: Jesus ministered to many. He didn't write synthetic prescriptions as the answer for healing. But, He did point to ways one could be healed. For this reason, the APA might do well to shed more emphasis on a faith-based approach to helping; though, again, it's not likely they will.

Blessings all. Hold on for the journey. Yes, you are right! Life is messy and murky; but, we have to trust that as long as God keeps our heart ticking, we should fulfill HIS purpose. I wish I believed in easy-way outs. I don't. What's to say we show up on the other side prematurely, and the same aggravations on this side are waiting for us on the next. Except now, we hear the annoying echo: "NOW WHAT???"  til our official death date. For the sake of all beloved, push through adversity. TALK TO SOMEBODY! I hope it's me. I'm always here. If your purpose is blurry, ask God to give you clarity. He will.

Here's a link that might shed some light:


Sometimes Praying For Lost Family Members is ALL You Can & Should Do

I am not a fan of social media. It opens portals that one might not know otherwise about a family member or members. It is said that curiosity killed the cat. If it didn't kill it, it surely probably caused more trouble than it desired. In this case, I'm the feline. While taking a break from the online-job-search process, which I also am not a fan of, I dared take a look at my estranged nephew's page. Oh dear. I cried. Literally. I also fled the page realizing that running did not absolve me from actually doing something. Of course, prayer is the first thought that came to mind. Had he been involved in the over-the-top behavior many young males go through I might have chalked him up to 'sowing his oats.' But, no; this was something far worse; from the dark side, that I never would have expected from a child who went to parochial school and church long after most had fallen away.
I'm convinced that something happens when your mother dies; especially if she dies before you get your footing as an adult. I could be wrong. His darkness probably was closeted long before social media came on the scene. Long story short, this lost man is a member of the occult; and all the debauchery you might find associated with it. I actually wrote an email reaching out; but, honestly, I can't bring myself to submit it. I'm sure it would be thousands-times worse than talking to an addict who's not ready to give up his/her darkness. I'm sad; but, acceptant that this is what it is; and, I will pray that God in His Mercy will save this child (nearly 4 decades old) from the depths of hell he has chosen.

A Pastoral Viewpoint: This dispels the myth: Once Saved always Saved. I think one can make a decision to eternally become prodigal to God and His Son Jesus Christ. Just as satan made his decision and was booted out of heaven eternally, I think man can fall into this same abyss. In fact, Jesus said, some fell away and no longer walked with Him, to which He said they were of no use to Him and the Kingdom (John 6:66). Of course, I'd love to know what you think. Final thought: Where there's life there's hope. Lift up prayers that this child will be saved from eternal damnation. Blessings to all!

No One Told Me That The Older You Get, Bad Hair Days Become Bad Neck Days

There's no other way to say it. Young people, look in the mirror to your contented delight; because, the older you get the more you will stare at things you'd rather not look at and try in vain to rid of; namely wrinkles. AHHHHHKKKK! Anyway, yes, it's over. I have reached the age that barring plastic surgery or botox I will have to make peace with my neck's decision to relinquish the tautness of its youth. The thought of someone jabbing a tool so close to my jugular and lipo-suctioning pockets of fat from my chin is far more frightening than I am courageous. I have expended more money than I care to mention on topicals; and, so yes, if any women 'of age' have any beauty tips they want to share, I'm all ears. In the meantime, I am going to go and make peace with the inevitabilities of heredity, aging, and life.



After reading an article detailing what college-faculty have in common with McDonald's employees left me feeling, the title of this post. How many people, who should be looking at retirement in a few years, are realizing that because of pie-in-the-sky hopes that an additional degree would net a better salary is only going to net them additional years looking for a way to make ends meet while paying student-loans? REALLY?

Are there any serious contenders for presidency yet? If so, how can they not redefine the goals of the education system and the TRILLION DOLLAR, out-of-control, runaway train, called STUDENT-LOAN DEBT; which is clearly a SCAM if defined by most Americans. After reading the article, it is clear that the majority of people wearing the noose aren't benefiting; and, because it's not being stopped or forced to derail one has to presume the government or big business or someone other than the little guy is making a haul.

I am also the title of this post about politicians announcing their presidential-candidacy-run at a particular Christian university; which is a major recipient of students on the student-loan ride. How refreshing it would be if religious universities denied the student-loan boat ride down the river by reminding applicants of the Bible-tenet that the borrower is slave to the lender.

I won't write anymore. I'll just be more the title of this post.

Regards. And if you are a high-school senior and have no means to pay for college, be happy. Join Peace Corp, work at Wal-mart; apply for college til someone gives you the means. DO NOT JUMP ON THE STUDENT-LOAN TRAIN!!!!! If you do, you will be the title of this post. I GUARANTEE!!!!! :)!!!

By the way, here's the link to the article:


After reading, you will be the title of this post.


Scott-Shooting Update

Okay. I have the answers. Late-child-support payments will land you in the slammer, unable to maintain your job, and eventually getting you further behind in payments. But, what does running solve? Doesn't that just add to the charges when caught? What a mess. Children without a dad; even though now a lack of money probably will never be their lot in life. While running was wrong, shooting a man, clearly running away from you, in the back, eight times, indisputably wrong, for lack of a better word. This is a tragic and bitter scenario. The downside of allowing one's self to watch the unfolding is you can't just hit the delete button in the mind. You're now on the hook to make a statement of 'write' and wrong. Whatever the unseen details, no one deserves to die running away. No one. Sad day in America, America. Another sad day.

My condolences to all left to grieve.


Okay, I'll Ask: Why Did Scott Run?

I know, I'm potentially walking into a hornet's nest here. I've done that a time or two before. So, here goes. I brought myself to watch both videos: the routine traffic stop, and the aftermath. In the video where the officer walks up to the car and asks for essentials, I thought, okay, nice and respectful person. A misdemeanor taillight malfunction is usually met with a 24-hour warning ticket to get the problem corrected. After all, it could happen to anyone. Most people gratefully thank the officer for the head's up, the problem is corrected, life goes on. And then, there are the oddities of life; people who RUN.

I will admit, for days I didn't look into this incident; only heard in bitter sadness via online radio-news sources eight shots fired at a man on the run. I'm thinking a 20-something-year-old kid who panicked, took off on foot; being totally unjustifiable to be shot in cold-blood, in the back. Quite obviously, yesterday when I realized it was a 50-year-old "senior citizen," I could only shake my head and wonder, WHY DID HE RUN? Clearly, there is never a reason to run. You're just making it more difficult for everyone involved. If you have legal problems, know that the gig is up when 5-0 tags you. You're it. It's time to go to jail. You will not pass Go. Okay, I digress on such a serious matter.

I am sure if Scott was here to do that scene all over again, he would face the music and know that a few months, maybe even years, would not be the end of the world. Again, I ask, "WHY DID HE RUN?" That's it for part one of this discussion.

Now to the problem, as sad as it is. The video blocked crucial details. I saw an officer take off behind a fleeing suspect. Most officers want to go home at the end of the day, and running behind suspects whose i.d. they have possession of, is not worth the run. The car would have been impounded. The passenger (correction) would have been questioned, probably released, and suspect on the lam would be caught in a few hours or days. This officer would not be in jail charged with murder, away from his precious family; and the suspect would probably be alive and getting ready to face the music, or not.

Back to the video. I saw an officer obviously plow down an unarmed man. In his defense, he says the suspect tried to get his taser. I can't confer or dispute that, considering the instrument was on the ground. I saw him handcuff the suspect in order to 'secure' the scene in case the guy with eight gunshots might be on PCP and get up and go round two. Now the problem. Allegedly, the suspect attempted to grab the officer's taser which ended up on the ground at; let's say Point A. After the body is cuffed, a few feet away (Point B), the officer returned to pick up the taser from the initial point, and clearly walked over to drop it next to the body of the deceased, and cuffed, suspect. Oh no. Then in a manner that left one asking, 'Did you just see him just do that?', the officer leisurely picked up by the taser, returning it to his person. Oh dear. Thus, the murder charge.

My sorrow goes out to both mothers. I presumed the mother of the suspect was in her 40s or 50s; but no, her son was an old man who obviously had not learned the value of protocol in a traffic stop. Running is not an option. It just makes life harder for all. The mother of the officer is clearly in shock. My prayers go out to everyone involved. SOMETHING went terribly wrong in this routine traffic stop. I hope there's video of what happened in the alleged altercation.

Word to the wise: Officers want to go home at the end of the day just as everyone else. They have families. They mow lawns. They attend Little-League games. Yes, there are rogues in any profession; but, overall most police officers don't want drama. It's clear, the traffic stop showed a respectful person trying to do his job. What made him 'go rogue' and 'plant' evidence makes the hidden part of this story almost, well clearly, MOOT. What happened? WHY DID HE PUT THE TASER BY THE BODY? I'm sure the defense will come down to disorientation in the heat of the moment; but, don't let me play attorney here.  One thing's for sure: Both mothers lose and, in life's irony, the mother of the suspect will never want for a dime the rest of her days. Sad, and true. Believers, let us not just talk about this. Let us lift up prayers for all involved. Amen.

Note: While editing this piece, heard a news update where other innocent African-American-male drivers, obeying protocol, without provocation, fell at the mercy of this officer's taser. Dear God. Have mercy.