Sometimes Praying For Lost Family Members is ALL You Can & Should Do

I am not a fan of social media. It opens portals that one might not know otherwise about a family member or members. It is said that curiosity killed the cat. If it didn't kill it, it surely probably caused more trouble than it desired. In this case, I'm the feline. While taking a break from the online-job-search process, which I also am not a fan of, I dared take a look at my estranged nephew's page. Oh dear. I cried. Literally. I also fled the page realizing that running did not absolve me from actually doing something. Of course, prayer is the first thought that came to mind. Had he been involved in the over-the-top behavior many young males go through I might have chalked him up to 'sowing his oats.' But, no; this was something far worse; from the dark side, that I never would have expected from a child who went to parochial school and church long after most had fallen away.
I'm convinced that something happens when your mother dies; especially if she dies before you get your footing as an adult. I could be wrong. His darkness probably was closeted long before social media came on the scene. Long story short, this lost man is a member of the occult; and all the debauchery you might find associated with it. I actually wrote an email reaching out; but, honestly, I can't bring myself to submit it. I'm sure it would be thousands-times worse than talking to an addict who's not ready to give up his/her darkness. I'm sad; but, acceptant that this is what it is; and, I will pray that God in His Mercy will save this child (nearly 4 decades old) from the depths of hell he has chosen.

A Pastoral Viewpoint: This dispels the myth: Once Saved always Saved. I think one can make a decision to eternally become prodigal to God and His Son Jesus Christ. Just as satan made his decision and was booted out of heaven eternally, I think man can fall into this same abyss. In fact, Jesus said, some fell away and no longer walked with Him, to which He said they were of no use to Him and the Kingdom (John 6:66). Of course, I'd love to know what you think. Final thought: Where there's life there's hope. Lift up prayers that this child will be saved from eternal damnation. Blessings to all!