After reading an article detailing what college-faculty have in common with McDonald's employees left me feeling, the title of this post. How many people, who should be looking at retirement in a few years, are realizing that because of pie-in-the-sky hopes that an additional degree would net a better salary is only going to net them additional years looking for a way to make ends meet while paying student-loans? REALLY?

Are there any serious contenders for presidency yet? If so, how can they not redefine the goals of the education system and the TRILLION DOLLAR, out-of-control, runaway train, called STUDENT-LOAN DEBT; which is clearly a SCAM if defined by most Americans. After reading the article, it is clear that the majority of people wearing the noose aren't benefiting; and, because it's not being stopped or forced to derail one has to presume the government or big business or someone other than the little guy is making a haul.

I am also the title of this post about politicians announcing their presidential-candidacy-run at a particular Christian university; which is a major recipient of students on the student-loan ride. How refreshing it would be if religious universities denied the student-loan boat ride down the river by reminding applicants of the Bible-tenet that the borrower is slave to the lender.

I won't write anymore. I'll just be more the title of this post.

Regards. And if you are a high-school senior and have no means to pay for college, be happy. Join Peace Corp, work at Wal-mart; apply for college til someone gives you the means. DO NOT JUMP ON THE STUDENT-LOAN TRAIN!!!!! If you do, you will be the title of this post. I GUARANTEE!!!!! :)!!!

By the way, here's the link to the article:


After reading, you will be the title of this post.