Baltimore's Act A Blatant Mockery of Everything Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Died For

Okay, America. I’ve avoided writing about the Baltimore civil-rights debacle. But today’s looting of a local pharmacy makes clear my premise that it’s not really all about the latest suspect’s alleged demise at the hands of police. Thieves looting a store and criminals destroying city property is about something totally unrelated to protesting an unjust act. I could only shake my head and wonder who was missing in the development of these bad actors’ lives? Clearly, I saw people taking advantage of a situation and stealing things that clearly….exhale…breathe, Mytu.
Protesting is one thing. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s peace-movement was effective because his non-violence proved on what side of the fence the problem rested. His ability to verbalize the need for non-violence created change. I’m not sure who is leading the civil-rights movement today; presuming there is one; but, they are failing miserably at promoting peace.
It almost seems as if there is an undercurrent of fabricated chaos that is unraveling every attempt made in the 60s to right wrongs. It’s good there’s a curfew. Right now, I’m thinking good luck with that. I’m literally shaking my head. I am at a rare loss for words.
It almost makes me tempted to question if African-American males on the wrong side of the law aren’t possibly putting themselves in suicide-by-cop confrontations that resort in their deaths, spurning unrest among the people. I’m simply saying the scenarios seem to keep playing out the same way. At the bottom line of each incident the suspect resists arrest on some level, or foolishly attempts to grab an officer’s firearm, or worse, points a threatening weapon at a cop. None of those scenarios are wise.
Some might argue relevance, but in each of these cases, the offenders’ families will be the wealthier. Tonight the streets of Baltimore are overflowing with disaster.  People who rely on selling goods at the game venues are losing money tonight because a pro-game had to be canceled. If this city continues to be under civil arrest the pro-teams will simply hold their games in other arenas. The people with the money will not lose; it’s the little guy trying to make ends meet who will suffer.
As I watched the mayor’s press conference, I saw background video of a lot of youngsters being somewhere they weren’t supposed to be. Let’s see…it’s Monday…a school day? Or did I miss the memo: A funeral shut down classes?...Maybe so.
Guardians of youngsters, tonight you OWE it to them to teach that resisting arrest will not end in their favor. Nor will fleeing, or attempting to flee…Prayers for peace America. Prayers for peace.