Scott-Shooting Update

Okay. I have the answers. Late-child-support payments will land you in the slammer, unable to maintain your job, and eventually getting you further behind in payments. But, what does running solve? Doesn't that just add to the charges when caught? What a mess. Children without a dad; even though now a lack of money probably will never be their lot in life. While running was wrong, shooting a man, clearly running away from you, in the back, eight times, indisputably wrong, for lack of a better word. This is a tragic and bitter scenario. The downside of allowing one's self to watch the unfolding is you can't just hit the delete button in the mind. You're now on the hook to make a statement of 'write' and wrong. Whatever the unseen details, no one deserves to die running away. No one. Sad day in America, America. Another sad day.

My condolences to all left to grieve.