Tis the Time of Year Teachers Ponder Walking Away From the Profession

Teaching is a ministry. It is not for the faint of heart to work with children who come to the table with problems most people can't begin to fathom. People call it burnout when they simply have more desire than energy to carry out the passion, not so much because of the children, as much as the red-tape and hoops the socialist agenda requires. Prayerfully, you'll join, or start a group sharing how change can be created. Your story is not unique, as you stated. Change starts with refusing to sign a contract which says you have to teach to a test. Change starts with calling Congress in droves to spark discussion for change. Teaching to the test is synonymous with giving kids meds for ADD: Big companies are making millions which helps keep the hamsters (teachers) on the wheel to do the impossible: Bring a non-reading 5th grader to grade level in 9 months, permeating the belief that the teacher and the learner failed. Hopefully summer break will refresh you, and you'll give it another try (for the kids). Of course, if your wick is spent, I genuinely understand and hope you find something as rewarding. Few things are. I believe once a teacher always a teacher. So, somewhere, maybe Sunday school, you'll find yourself teaching youngsters. They need a loving person. Sometimes teachers are the only love they experience. Sad, but you know. After all, you wished you could say...Best for you. I'm here if you need to talk. I'm here.

Note: This was sparked by Washington Post article: