Toya, Toya, Toya, Girl! Count to TEN!!!!!

Okay, first and foremost Praises to God that Baltimore's civil unrest has ceased. Thankfully, too, to know that the majority of the trouble was caused by the may I say, not surprising, hormones-on-steroids teens. Mind you, I'm not making excuses for them; but....some can hit the rewind button and realize those were some fueled years for people who later turned out to be really responsible parents and citizens.

Moving from that point to the gist of this post, I tried with all I had not to watch the video of the Mom who opened the can on her son, in public I might add. Not that doing this in private would be any more productive, I watched the video. My reaction was as most people's, but it's clear she's doing something right because a lot of children might have floored the person throwing blows.When I saw this happening I thought she might end up with a domestic violence charge; but, to my surprise this afternoon when signing on to the news, she's a hero. Who would have thunk it? My goodness. She's the person you want with you if you get lost in a dark alley. No, just kidding, or maybe not!

To you Toya. I understand your frustration with a misbehavin' teen. I know your fight to keep him on the straight and narrow. However, if you rethink this, I'm going to ask this be the last time you ever raise your hand to him or anyone else; barring self-defense, of course. My kids are well-past the teen years;' but, I had a puberty rule, which I enacted long before that. Bottom line, I do not believe a child who has entered the pubescent years should be physically punished, not even a tap on the hand. I think there are too many things that can be taken away, i.e shoes, pods, games, privileges. The message you sent was, dare I say?...wrong. As a mother I understand your frustration, so I won't belabor the point. I know for a fact you, as most mothers in these difficult years, are doing the best you can. I think by the pictures this 'child' might even be a father, clearly a grown man. I know you love him, and did what you thought was best; but, uhm, let's try re-phraseology here...this was not the right thing to do.

In closing, good luck Toya on finding a gig. I'm sure now that you've gotten face time, and a viral YouTube video, you probably won't need a job for long. I'm very concerned that we send a detrimentally wrong message when we 'lose it' with anyone; but especially people we love. The goal is to teach those who we're here to mentor (our children) a better way. For a fact, violence isn't it. But, again; not judging because you did what you did out of love and the frustration of a defiant teen's behavior. It's a new day. Your actions have made you a hero. But, unfortunately a 'smart' child will see this and call 9-1-1, and CPS in one swoop to have a parent arrested. So, guys, this made good YouTube; but, I wouldn't recommend this behavior in everyday settings. I wouldn't recommend it at all. Peace. And again, Praise God for peace!