Frankie and Alice Worth Watching

First published 08.16.14
It's Saturday and I just finished watching a RedBox matinee of #Halle Berry's recently released movie: #Frankie and Alice. Okay, therapy is my calling and anything 'mental' usually gets and keeps my attention. Given the dinero there is a Ph.D. waiting in me to be born. But, not to digress. This movie was a very good characterization of what happens in the life of a schizophrenic and things in life that can cause one's personality to split. All through the movie I kept saying let's buy a Besche wig. I tend to have to catch myself when watching tv with others at home. Talk...talk...talk. But again, not to digress. The movie was excellent. I always say Phylicia Rashad gets typecast roles; but, then realize that what makes her a star is her ability to draw you in to her role, which is always substantial. You know you're good when the audience forgets its a movie. Grey's Anatomy Chandra Wilson was also good. But, the main character, played by Halle Berry was nod-worthy. It wasn't her proving her ability to act as much as the script and her ability to seize the moments that made this movie strong. I was glad to see at the end that it was based on a true story; and, offers a genuine hope for #mental-health patients worldwide when they have genuinely caring health professionals to help in the healing. Sadly, in today's society the answer to what ails you emotionally is in an SSRI more than let's talk, talk, and talk some more til we stamp out the root of the problem.
It's too early in the a.m, 2:29, to start a discussion on such a rhetorical dilemma. If you're looking for a good movie to rent or even own, Frankie and Alice is worth the dinero.