Rioting For Some is an Excuse to Loot; Remembering the Man with the Twinkle in His Eye: Robin Williams; Farewell to Lauren Bacall; & We Are All Infidels

First published 08.13.14
Sometimes I have to stop and pull up to the desk and put my words on paper so I will quit writing my thoughts in my head. If you too, mentally write your thoughts I suggest you give in and start writing. Anyhoo, it's just a few unrelated topics that I have to purge and be done with. I woke up today with an inexplicable blah; a blue-funk as some might call it. Writing is my therapy, so here goes. 

                                     Ferguson Video Should Make 'Rioters' go "OOPS!"
First, the #riots in Ferguson, Missouri are symbolic of the fact that if people want an excuse to steal, what better way than to use an injustice as the reason. I don't care how wrong either party in last Saturday's shooting was, tearing up something that you did not build is wrong. Who suffers? The community. Who wins? Big business because they have the insurance funds to pack their business up and move to a better place, or rebuild and charge the community higher prices for the 'injustices' they experienced. Now, to the bottom line: Mothers, no correction; parents, because fathers play the biggest role in the behaviors of their sons and daughters where discipline is concerned: Teach your children to respect authority. I turned the radio off when listening to the 'friend' tell his side of the story. The scenario would have probably played a lot differently, and his friend would be racking up some serious student-loan debt today, if he had just stepped onto the sidewalk as he was told. That's all. No use putting up your hands if the situation has escalated to the point of rough-housing with a cop, and the bullet has already left the barrel. I'm presuming this cop was riding solo. If so, he was scared for his life, as when the fight ensued, it became a case of two against one in his mind. Was he right to shoot? I don't know. I wasn't there. This isn't about that. This is about parents teaching their children the protocol for arrest, should that ever occur. The need to run, especially in broad daylight should not be a necessity. Failing to do as ordered, when ordered, is. People, young and old alike, the dark rap music is not going to fair well with you in real-life situations. So, it's clear, the Rodney King devastation didn't teach much in the way of doing the right and honorable thing when confronted. Boasting about your right to do this and that, and progressing on in your way is not amongst those things.
                                                    Remembering Robin Williams

Second thing, that got me to the computer is #Robin Williams' untimely and bittersweet end. I will use this tragedy as my defense that licenses do not guarantee efficacy when helping clients. As a Christian counselor, I will glean from Williams' poignant remark in an NPR interview that psychoanalysis works, only if the client is willing to do the work.This was his way of saying it was easier to do the least productive work for his mental health than change his behavior. I can not, and will not make excuses for this truly hilarious guy. He, as my old 'friend' #Capote-actor Hoffman, will always be remembered as genius in his work. But, my response on learning late Monday night was, “All the money in the world will not make you feel or be successful, if you lack the ability to process and make peace within the mind.” He was very wealthy financially, and had every opportunity to live the life others only dream of; but, money can't cure what ails you for long. The rich joke that it helps; but, sometimes I wonder how true that is. For all who are scraping two dimes together to survive, and are still able to find true joy in life, count your blessings. I learned this morning that one of my favorite actresses, the beautiful #Lauren Bacall passed away at the decades'-rich age of 89. Godspeed to all.  

                  Freedom to Worship God as One Chooses is a Strong-Suit of Democracy

And lastly, a few words about the Middle East. Honestly, I am so glad to live in a country where we have the freedom to worship God as He is defined in the spirit. Who am I, a Christian, to judge? After all, #Jesus said in Him there is no Jew, no Greek, no slave, or gentile. We can carry that a bit further and trust that means all other peoples as well. To Him we are all one. Anybody who can't believe that, might themselves be the infidels. In truth, walking around in these earthly bodies, I dare anyone to say on some level they have never been guilty of this carnal role. Go ahead. Show me one innocent, and I'll check their pulse.
Whew! I feel much better now. Perhaps I will get around to publishing this soon.