MasterChef Best Show This Summer; Prayers for Joan Rivers and Extant a Roller Coaster of SCI-FI Remnants

Now that the Fall lineup has begun, I have to say the most enjoyable show I watched this summer, and continue to watch is Master Chef. It's a lot less 'heated' than Hell's Kitchen; but, I like them both. I hated to see Big Willie and Jaimee get their walking papers; however fair judging abounds. My prediction for the final two is Christian and Elizabeth. Both seem to have good 'work-under-pressure' skills; one because of advertising world, the other because of L-I-F-E.

On a more somber note, prayers for Joan Rivers. I have to admit she is one of my favorite LOL people. Hopefully, Melissa will have the courage to remove her from life-support soon and let God have His Way. Joan is a person full of love, laughter, and life, and she would want to progress on to the next phase of life's journey in "stride." Again, prayers for all.

To end on a much lighter note, I am still watching Extant; but, honestly, Halle's character-husband, and her robotic son are very "SCI-FI". I wouldn't be surprised at all if the husband isn't a robot as well. It shall be interesting to find out. I am sure Master Chef will be back; but Extant?...Hmmmmmm, dunno.