Hell's Kitchen and Extant Out; Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, and Mom IN; and Remembering 9-11

What a week! It seemed to go quickly. I had a chance to make some very clear decisions about the new Fall tv shows I will watch and will not be watching this year. It is clear that Hell's Kitchen is a prison-style, boot-camp version of Master Chef. For that reason, I will not be watching as I don't need anything to stress me out when I tune in to enjoy tv. It aired two nights straight. The first night my son happened in and said the red and blue bandanas made him think the show should be called "Gangsta' Kitchen." The next night it aired my daughter happened in and within minutes voiced what I, and many other  mild-mannered folk was thinking, "This show stresses me out." Yes! It does. And for that reason, a line has been drawn through on my 'what-to--watch' list. My son said it was clearly theatrics because many chefs have prison records and would have gone off on him. I don't know; don't care. I'm sure, I will watch the last ten minutes each week; and perhaps the final two; but, the thought of Ramsey threatening to blow an artery makes me wonder if he hollers like that at home. With domestic violence in the center of the news I seem to be staring at a lot of people with that question mark looming? Moving on. Sad to say, but, Extant has also been X'd off my list. I simply couldn't take another second of the 'wierded-out' kids and Halle's uncovincing presentation that she is enjoying the script. I could be wrong; but, I won't be watching.
What I did watch and thoroughly enjoyed was "The Biggest Loser." I only recognized a couple of the participants. As an avid tennis fan, I was glad to see Zina Garrison looking great at the big 5-0; and I hope she stays the course to reach her desired weight goal. I also watched Shark Tank. I can't believe the mother chose mentoring for her young son over the $50K, $3.-per-bow-tie-sold-offer of Mr. Wonderful. Are you kidding me? Mentoring? Why not mentoring and cha-chinging all the way to the bank as well. Cute kid, and I hope his aspirations bring him to his desired goals. I'm sure the FUBU mogul will see to it that he gets the college money he needs when the time comes; so, not to worry.
With all the college football on, I really enjoyed the Coca-Cola golf tournament this weekend. However, today, when the pressure was heating up; I couldn't help but see (with sadness) a few of the guys dropping F-bombs when they thought the camera wasn't on them; and a lot of attacking the bag with the golf club; and a few other immature and very UNPROFESSIONAL moves. I really think golf needs a penalty flag for people who have unsportsmanlike behavior. I saw quite a bit of that, too. But, long story short I found myself seeing these emotions unravel and was brought back the the domestic-violence question: Which of these golfers could stand and say they have never, since age 18, hit a woman. Sad. I'm convinced people like Ramsey only perpetrate the behavior of immature people who have trouble with ANGER MANAGEMENT. One more thing. I seem to forget to mention every week that the television show "MOM" is really good. I watch it on Monday nights, during Master Chef commercial breaks. One more thing, take two: I watched an excellent short film called BLINDSPOT on PBS; really speaks truth about how people are so caught up with their own concerns, they seem to have mental and physical blinders on.
 A final note; it is clear, from my personal vantage point, considering I don't watch a lot of tv, that most Americans are focusing more on the current going-ons of the day than the remembrance of that dark event in 2001. Without belaboring the point, the more I hear the conspiracy theorists, the more I realize that there are a lot of unanswered, and unanswerable questions surrounding that day. I will always wish that the Twin Towers would have been reconstructed a foot taller than the original ones, with the top 20 floors being made of solid concrete. But, moving on; because the people with the money decided the current blank sky with floodlights shooting upward is 'best'.
Well, that's about it. Blessings to all.