Missed Season Finale of Master Chef

It's hard to believe; but true. After watching Master Chef all summer, I was actually not up to watching the season finale. I thought I'd catch the re-airing on Friday; however, the new fall lineup preempted that idea. With a little researching, I'm glad to learn that Courtney walked away with the grand prize. It's a smart business deal, as aside from her skills, she's the youngest and least attached regarding personal-life matters.
To my surprise I have been introduced to the series Breaking Bad, and actually have found myself watching a few episodes. Let me say upfront that it is very dark, and very TV. It's good; but in the real world both Walt and Jesse would be goners; but, with nothing else in the fall lineup it's presumed that family tv-night will include this series. Thankfully, I have no clue how the last season ends; however I won't be surprised if I just watch the last episode just to know; probably not.
Well, short and sweet is all I have for now. Congrats Courtney on your win. Prayers from all for my next career path much appreciated!!! I will keep you posted.
UPDATE:  Okay, it's official. Breaking Bad and I have "broken up," parted ways, just like that. After tuning in for a few disgusting seconds this evening (Still Season 1) I realize the trashiness associated is simply not my cup of tea. I'm quite sure the scene played true to real-world drug drama; however, ughmmm...no thank you. Thankfully, a quick click of the old clicker and back to more productive work. It's Okay; call me a prude. I'll wear that hat if you call not wanting to watch sleaze tv prudish.