Unwinnable Wars, Unsecure Borders, Presidential Prospects, Student-Loan Debt & Juneteenth

Turmoil in Iraq Reminds Me of America's Own Internal Battles, Past & Present 

It is amazing how fast time flies. Already another week in the history books; and decades from now, if the story is told accurately it will be filled with opportunities for lessons learned. At the time of this writing Iraq is on the brink of total government collapse with ISIL/ISIS seizing territory on all sides, making a strong case for why politicians should think long and hard before starting 'unwinnable wars.' It is a bit late, and probably will never happen let the yarners spin it; but, Rand Paul suggests that the people should vote for whether they want to invest in a war that requires U.S. Troops. Unwinnable wars simply help fuel the fires of far too many conspiracy theorists on the airwaves and in the local pubs across America. My prayers are for the people of Iraq, who as most people in the universe, simply want to live peaceably with their fellow man. As I listened to the news, I could not help but ponder U.S. history and how hundreds of years ago, our beautiful nation, too, had internal fighting because one group of people wanted to enslave another. And, I thought of the Civil Rights marches, rallies, and killings of the 60s which reminded me of a non-militia-type war of the races, and power of the people. And, as I listened with relief as President Obama assured U.S. citizens that our war-weary nation and military will not be returning to this battlefield, with a reminder that our offer to keep reinforcement troops in Iraq was declined, I could not help but think about the fact that our own nation is under siege by immigrants illegally flooding the U.S. border. 
Border Crossings A Modern-Day Version of Mexican-American War of 1800s
I was both amazed and dismally shaken at the sight of undocumented people rising up from the Rio Grande River onto U.S. soil by the thousands, and even more coming in by plane from countries that extend far beyond Mexico. I was bewildered at what I was seeing, and could not help but wonder if this crisis would be perceived as more dire if the invaders were people of Haitian or African roots. Would people coming in with wooly hair and dark as night skin be received with far less patience than those currently coming in? I was taken back to 9-11 and the trillions spent on two didn't-take-a- rocket-scientist-to-know unwinnable wars; not to mention millions of innocent lives lost of those in bombs' way, and soldiers in the battle, both foreign and domestic. And, I thought of how we fight for the welfare of other oil-rich countries, while our own country is under an attack of its own. I am reminded of the Mexican-American War of the 1800s; and, the undercurrent of people whose goal is to bring America to her knees by having children that our government (taxpayers) will have to provide for. Tsk! And, somehow I can not help but wonder if this will be America's next war, Act Two. I can imagine how quickly things will unravel should we start instant deportation; once caught, a one-way ticket back home at the receiving country's expense. Of course, something that decisive will never happen because well,...I will leave the reasoning to the paid mike-jocks and conspiracy theorists.

Unfinished Border-Fence A Clear Welcome Sign to All Who Boldly Enter In

Third on the list of attention-getters for me this week, and linked indirectly to the border issue, was seeing with most sincere embarrassment that ginormous, incomplete, well-constructed fence that was supposed to keep non-citizens out of the U.S. and serve as a dividing line with Mexico. I am certain millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on some grand idea the previous administration started and well...tsk! There is a saying where we live: Git 'er done. And, I ask myself how someone who can not finish a fence, and secure with great penalty who gets in and out of this country, really expect my vote at the polls? It is clear that politicians are not really worried about terrorists by the looks of the bold entrance into our country via footpaths. I am flabbergasted! I genuinely do not know who I will vote for in 2016. I thought I had a clue; but, of late, it is clear, I do not. I only know that no one on the radar screen is a genuine attention getter. Did I hear that Romney may run again? As of today, I hope he does; possibly Rand Paul as V-P. Sadly, Perry's gaffe on homosexuality and that embarrassingly, incomplete border fence has me realizing it will take more than he is representing to get the GOP nod. All things are possible; but, in this case, not probable considering he will have to explain the border issue in debates. Enough said; I will move on.

Best Hope For Self & Future Offspring: Just Say No to STUDENT LOANS!

Monday's quiet announcement that the President's plan to help people drowning in student-loan debt (SLD) was squashed comes as no real surprise. I have to agree with the conspiracy theorists on this one. The dirty little secret about SLD is for poor people to stay in debt, and become increasingly poorer. Why else would tens of thousands of dollars be given to young and old people with no credit, bad credit, and zero collateral and zero job, all under the guise of attaining a better life? It is head-shaking and disgusting. Let's face it: The gig is up on the student-loan scheme and yet people, in a desperate attempt to earn a decent education, to even get in the running for the handful of jobs, are jumping into this cesspool abyss with nothing more to show than a lifetime of misery attached to the goose that offered a golden egg. I will advise anyone who is not in this pot to get a no-degree-required job for five years, stay home til you are 23, save money like nobody's business, and decide at that time if you really need college. Go on a part-time, pay as-you-go basis. Too many people, self included, are walking around with a financial noose around their neck, and no job prospects. Let me shout it from the rooftops: CHANGE starts with JUST Saying NO to STUDENT LOANS!!! 

Juneteenth Worth Remembering; But U.S. Citizens In More Bondage than Ever 
And lastly, this week African Americans celebrated Juneteenth; freedom from slavery. And I could not help but observe how in so many ways, not just blacks, but the American people in general are more in bondage today than ever. They are as mentioned, trillions in student-loan debt, and relying on the too-many people not working, unemployment dime, unlike the '50s buy a home, car in driveway, chicken in pot. I know that is over-glamorizing; but, I can honestly say that when my parents were in their 20s they were married, my dad bought a house with a zero down-payment on the GI bill, we had a new car, and yes, the chicken was always in the pot. Today, I see 20-something males and older PLAYING video games with no hard-work ethics, no children, no desire for the responsibility of a wife and family, and 20-something women realizing pickings are very slim. A landowner made an offhand remark about blacks being better off as slaves and got in a heap of trouble with people. No one wants to be a slave. No one wants to be owned by another person, wealthier than themselves; but, people want to eat. People want to make a living, and at the end of the day be able to see what they have labored hard for. That is not happening to the degree that it should be today. The rich are clearly richer, contrary to the fact that they boast of leaving the White House 'broke.' And the poor are clearly poorer, or as poor as they were decades ago. Freedom does not come without a fight to say no to things that can keep you in bondage for life. For decades America has been fighting wars on drugs, AIDS, No Child Left Behind, poverty, crime. Today, freedom is wearing the mask of dom-free; receiving a whole lot of pseudo-free at a back-end price. Poverty stories are not new. Capitalism still lives. Ingenuity is key. A friend recently wrote a children's book. The link is listed below if you want to take a look. Will it make her rich? I don't know; but, what I do know is she made the effort to rise from the ash heap, and not wait for another job rejection email to arrive in her inbox. Best wishes Val Arie!

That's it! Another week.