Pro-Golfer's Short-Shorts, LeBron James Free Agent, Read to Your Babies, After The Fall Documentary & Unexpected Guests Tax-Payers' Expense

Sometimes one week's news topics look a whole lot like the previous one; just seven days blending into another week worth of same-old-same-old. It is true. Americans have short attention spans. If it is something that stirs their opinion, it becomes a hot topic. If it is above their ability to “solve” it takes a back-burner to much lighter conversations. It is true for me, for this week is about LeBron James, Michelle Wie, reading to infants, documentaries , and lastly, political grand-standing meets border crisis.

Women Should Dress For Success, Even If They Play For A Living

Let's start with golf. I love to tune in on weekends to watch a few rounds of golf. I am fascinated at the 99% Divine Favor, and 1% skill most sports-champions possess. As not to digress, this past weekend I was glad to see that women golfers were getting center stage on a non-cable network. I thought, this should be fun to watch, the men on one station, women on another. However, within minutes of watching the women's event, I realized that the unprofessional attire, especially of one, Michelle Wie, would make watching her “show what she's got: (pun intended) in mixed company for a very uncomfortable afternoon. I am not a prude, by a long stretch of the imagination. The short-shorts were not the problem as much as showing up to her professional gig in them. Before we get into a discussion about what she was wearing not having anything to do with her talents, I will hope that we can just politely agree to disagree. As I stated, I love to watch a good game of golf. As I deflected my attention from the women's competition because I saw women doing what the media uses them for, exploitation for sales, I compared how fully clad the male golfers were. Occasionally, some men wear too-tight pants; but, primarily you have men who clearly are not afraid that a bottom-cheek will be exposed because they're showing too much skin. By the way, there are a lot of fashion statements on the men's course as well. Okay, it's not about the men. It is about the women, and the one mentioned in particular. Her caddy had a bird's-eye view all afternoon of her straight back-bent posture in the, did I mention, too-short-for-work shorts. Grant it, if she was practicing, or just enjoying her day off, so be it. As mentioned, the problem was not the shorts per se; but, the fact that she was on national television, showing young aspiring women that to be a professional golfer you might just have to take on the look of a professional of a whole other kind. I am just saying. She is not the only one by any means. But, I think it is time women start thinking about how so many young girls are trafficked for sex; and consider putting the brakes on sex-y in sports. If you are skilled, you do not have to bimbo your way to the top. The Wie I saw Sunday, was light years from the 10-year-old who entered the golf stage a few years ago. Enough said. I watched her final rounds, realizing the stance was not the problem. The scanty shorts were. Her walk was not so much that of a confident young woman; but, instead, a woman who had defiance written on her spirit. As stated, enough said.

Lebron James Has A Bounty of Blessings: Family Man & Free-Agent

I have to say, for several reasons, I was not surprised that Lebron James chose to become a free-agent. I am glad he made the decision. After all, it really was a no-brainer. My son is a big fan of James', and showed a photo-enhanced version of James in a Rocket's jersey (LOL!) I am not a betting person, but I assured him James has no more flavor for Houston, than he had for Miami. He says it is all business. I believe, in this case, it is far more than that. From where I stand, James is at the peak of not only his career; but, personal life as well. I learned from my daughter that he is expecting his first daughter soon; and, thankfully, he did the right and noble thing by marrying the love of his life, mother of his children. So, the fact that he knows what winning a championship feels like, leads me to believe that his next move will be somewhere that feels like home, either for him or his wife. I was told she misses the West Coast. But, be that as it may, truth is, I make one prediction. If he had his druthers, he would sign with a northern east-coast team so fast, and never look back. My son laughed boisterously when I said he would sign with New York. He started naming players. I had no clue who he was talking about. James needs the feel of the people he identifies with most, fire in the belly. He needs the vibe of the urban city flowing through his veins. That one-man show against San-Antonio a few weeks ago was a disgrace; not to him, but to everything NBA FINALS. As I was preparing this I learned Wade has also decided to take the free-agent route. The upcoming season should be interesting; very interesting.

Reading to Your Babies, Good for Them

Mothers read to your babies in the womb. I heard a report this week that a cure for illiteracy is reading to infants. It may not be a cure, but it is a start. I believe in the research that says children benefit from hearing music, and being read to while in-uterus. As a parent, and former elementary-ed teacher, I am a firm believer that phonetic literacy eradicates illiteracy. If a child can sound a word, the vocabulary and comprehension skills will develop in time. Teaching reading without a focus on phonics with early-ed children is a disservice. So mamas, read to your babies. The sooner you start reading to them, the sooner they will be able to read to you. Sound out the sounds letters make, demonstrating how they come together to form words. Conquering illiteracy starts at home, long before Pre-K begins. School-readiness begins with the parent. Btw, may I recommend Val Arie's book: "Birds, Birds, Everywhere...Fly Away, Fly Away, Fly Away Home." It will make a very good 1st read for new arrivals.  

Documentary After the Fall Worth the Look

I love documentaries, and short films. I watched a very good documentary this week, in fact I watched it twice. It was on PBS, and is called “AFTER THE FALL.” Every young adult thinking they have forever to do what they are purposed on earth to do should take the time to watch this. Life is not promised. And when life gives you lemons, it may take a while, but you can make some flavorful lemonade with the right mix of people in your life, and a belief that everything is with purpose, even those things we cannot explain. I was reminded of a dear friend who has MS. Her kids are adults now, but, I remembered she called me one day, after work in overwhelming tears. She was a newlywed and had learned that she was with child; only to be told by her doctors that she should abort. Well, after a conversation with “Ms. Positive” and a reminder to her that God does not make mistakes, and whatever the outcome, He planted the seed. We agreed that He would decide the embryo's fate, and hers. Years later, she has given birth to two beautiful daughters, with the help of her very supportive and faith-filled husband. This documentary is worth the watch, especially if you are a young 20-something, or any age for that matter, dragging your feet.

Government Seeking Funds Upfront to Pay Tab For 'Unexpected Guests'
And now, to the last topic for the week simply because I am still unable to stop shaking my head every time I see young children strolling onto U.S. soil like, I don't even know what like. It is an exodus of sorts. Wow, I always imagined getting into America was a rummage through your suitcase, check your papers at the borders type nation. Obviously not. What makes matters even more eye-rolling, and head shaking are the politicians who all of a sudden have something to say about a decades' old matter, whose escalating numbers are clearly out of control. It is noble that the Arizona governor is continuing her fight; but, sadly, I am not encouraged that tax-paying people of the U.S. will be able to avoid the bill on this one. Not-for-profits, and 503-C churches and organizations are seeing a way to make a profit by sheltering-in. It is clear, that we have to take care of the children once they enter in; but, wow, this is one I simply do not get. On behalf of all the innocent people who have been violated in the boarding line while being checked for terroristic weaponry, tsk! Clearly, the frisks are not about America, but safeguarding the property of airlines. If it was really about America and Americans, the U.S.-Mexico border would be sealed securely.

Well, that's it. Another week.