Border Woes, Political Grandstanding, Wimbledon, Civil Wars, & July 4th

Wow. Until I started this endeavor a few weeks ago, I didn't realize how one week's news really does blend in with the next. This week's stories include border woes, political grandstanding, Wimbledon, civil wars, and the Fourth of July.

Border Woes

I won't linger on this topic. It is far too troubling to discuss people infiltrating our border, even as I write, with bold and callous audacity. I have learned that most have paid big bucks to make the trek to what they know as the "land of the free, and the home of the brave." Maybe it's a miscommunication; because though the U.S. is a land of the "free" people, it is not a cost-free nation. But, I have reached the conclusion that the problem larger than smugglers shooting the bird at border patrols as they drop people off on speed jets is the blatant fact that our borders are not secure; and yet, innocent children are patted down as criminals in airports across America. Tsk!

Political Grandstanding

I won't belabor this; but, it is clear that people pointing the finger at why the borders are not secure need to observe that three fingers are pointing right back at them. I don't need to hear why the borders are not secure. I just need someone to secure them. It is clearly a problem that has grown exponentially because of pure neglect: a job undone. It is clear that the people who ride in entourages of SUVs have a bit less concern on the matter than everyday folk who know the tax-dollars they pay are going to be spread a bit thinner. Tsk! Tsk!

Wimbledon Center Court

I don't watch tv often. There's nothing on much worth watching. However, Djokovich and Fedderer did not disappoint. Congrats to them both.

Nations on the Edge

Palestine & Israel, the Ukraine and Russia, Isis & Iraq, Kenya & its rebels make clear that worldwide, countries have unrest. As I watched the brave Americans who got off their kiesters and turned around busloads of people entering the nation illegally, I realized the USA is a nation bordering on a crisis all her own. Prayers are needed. In a Sunday sermon, a pastor suggested people fast breakfast and lunch on Mondays til 1p.m. for prayers for a peaceful and effective solution to crisis-matters worldwide.

Independence Day Felt Under Threat of  Irrelevance

I found myself having to grocery shop on the 4th. I could sense the mood of the people in my neighborhood was anything but celebratory. The cashier switched from speaking Spanish to English as I lay my items on the counter. No one I encountered along the way said, Happy Fourth of July, as I remember in the years' past. Perhaps we were all numbed by the shape of our borders. My nephew called and wished all a "happy" Fourth. I thought to myself, "Really?" Have you seen the news lately? You'd have to be out to lunch to think the most recent holiday  was a 'happy' one. I'd rather, and did say: Blessed Fourth of July; because compared to many nations we genuinely are a blessed people!

That's it. Another week.