Pope Francis Celibacy "Solution", Two Brave Young Women, Border "Fix", & Sports not War

Pope Francis' "Solution" to Celibacy in the Church 
I would love to write about Pope Francis' addressing "solution" to celibacy in the Church, except there won't be anything of substance to write about until the clear solution is implemented. In the book of Genesis, God clearly says that it is not good for a man to be alone; thus He created the beautiful woman to be man's help-meet as his WIFE. God goes on to say that spouses should not deny the other, except for a time of fasting. So, there you have it. There is no need to seek a solution. It is right in the Good Book, clearly explained. So, when I read a headline that the Pope has renounced mandatory celibacy, via ban on marriage in the priest/sisterhood, then I will have something to write about. If God calls something good, then the opposite of this good is bad? Ugh, yes. Many a married church leader has been reduced to deacon because he chose the right and noble life of marriage; "punished" by the Church for obeying God. Some priests have even married in secret to serve God properly. Many have left the order to do what was right in their spirit to do: get married. Solution?  I think it's clear.

Malala and Texas-Teen Survivor: Different Worlds; Similar Stories
While Malala's visit to Nigeria may not help usher the release of the Nigerian girls, it certainly is inspirational to observe her courage in the midst of such turmoil against women. She is a young woman, people of all ages, races, genders, faiths should seek to emulate: knowing God has a Call on your life and not letting the threat of the enemy deter you. If you don't know Malala's story,  run a search. She is an example of doing the thing you know in your spirit to do for the greater good of all mankind.

Moving closer to home, and totally unrelated to Malala's story, but a heinous act of domestic violence, a few miles down the road, leaves a lone, female, teen-survivor to mourn the execution-style killings of her family at the hands of a deranged gunman, her uncle. Her heroic efforts were purely nothing less than supernatural intervention from a much Higher Realm. Grief comes in stages. Some people with strong faith, support, and conviction to not let evil win, excel in the midst of it. Prayers for her resilience in the days, months, years as she recovers from this unimaginable ordeal.

God, More Than Money, Will Define the "Fix" for Border Woes
Also, close to home, though a different note: As usual money fixes everything. Most recently, a request from President Obama for a staggering near four-billion dollars to "fix" the border crisis has me lifting my hands for help from a Higher Power, because the stories people entering in are beginning to share, make it very clear that adults posing in age as young teens, being members of gangs, just entering in, makes the phrase "do something" rhetorical because until this debacle ceases, money is only a temporary panacea. The problem with radio jocks is all they do is sit behind a mike, getting paid to talk and stir the pot, primarily doing nothing much more than that. I am reminded of Oprah Winfrey. She says she knows how every dime of her money is  spent. I look forward to seeing an outline of how the border money will be spent should it 'get by' Congress. If money is the answer, GreaT!; but, in the meantime I'll continue to pray for the USA.; because, it is clear a decades'-old problem that has grown exponentially out of hand, has at its root, a rumbling of volatility similar to that of the Civil Rights in the 60s. Just as those days rewrote American history, forever; so this 'under-the-radar' entrance into our nations may redefine America as we know her today. A quarter century from now, will English still be our first language? At the time of this writing, hundreds of unaccompanied children are settling in Chicago. Wow, as if the youth crisis in the Windy City isn't huge enough...

Germany Gets the World Cup; Cleveland Gets LeBron James, Again
On a lighter note, I'm not a soccer fan; but, congrats to Germany for their win. Congrats to Cleveland for getting your star-player Lebron James back. It's a win-win for Cleveland and James.  Oh, if sports could quell war, what a wonderful world this would be!

That's it! Another week.