Oscars 2014 in the History Books, and Still Causing A Buzz

The Oscars for 2014 is in the history books. I actually watched the entire event on mute, occasionally reading the captions; realizing that the scripted questions and answers on the red carpet would soon sound like Charlie Brown’s mother: “Wonk, wonk.” In the next few lines, I will try not to name names. You know who you are.
Sons would not deny their mothers, but, mothers really should stand in the shadows during interviews. Let the grown kids be grown. Wives should not have to graciously let you take ‘center stage’. It is enough that adult children honor the parents in reward speeches. Equally so, grown children should not outshine the parent’s recognition on center stage making it unclear who is really the star. That said, I think husbands should stand with their wives on the red-carpet stage, no matter how uncomfortable the few minutes may be.
Moving on, there were several ‘beautiful’ gowns; but, honestly none really stood out. Perhaps the events in the Ukraine caused stars to select more demure colors. The most memorable, aside from the bold red worn by Jennifer Lawrence, and pale blue on Lupita Nyong’o, was Cate Blanchett’s; a little busy; however, I suppose apropos for her achievement.
People seem split on the host. Ellen was who she is, a hyperactive comedian. She carried the show; and, made a memorable line at the beginning about 12 Years a Slave; paraphrased here: “Or maybe you’re all just racists.” My eyebrows raised, but, I have to agree. Nearly two decades into a new millennium, does the U.S. really need another two-hour reminder of her blight? I have not, and will not watch the movie 12 Years a Slave. Roots was plenty enough for a lifetime. I believe the movie could have been condensed to a short film to remind people of all races and creeds that just as the Holocaust, we should never forget. However, at some point it becomes suspicious of heinous pleasure against a people, and women.
As the night wore on, I was glad to see that only three movies really were in the running. No offense, but American Hustle was a hustle. I mean, the 70s were really out there, but really not so grand to want to relive on the big screen. And learning that DeCaprio’s movie had 500 f-bombs: tsk tsk, not harming my precious center with that junk. I think people are still remembering him from Django. Speaking of, a lot of people are throwing thumbs up for Jamie Foxx hosting the Oscars in ’15. Maybe. I am one who believes Billy Crystal or Steve Martin still could make for an entertaining evening.    
But it’s over. I won’t bother to see Gravity because, even though Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, just as Roots, Apollo13 was sufficient. I hope to eventually see Nebraska, The Great Gatsby, and August:Osage County with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.
In closing, I’d be amiss to not mention the lady who burst into one of my favorite songs about God’s Eye being on the sparrow; and the beautiful Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.” I ‘listened’ via the caption, and knew based on the standing-o’s that their performances did not disappoint.
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