President Obama Made the Right Call in Staying the Course

Oftentimes, life puts you between a rock and a difficult place. It is then that you have to make a call on the best thing to do. As an outsider looking in, I have to respect the President's decision to go on with life as-scheduled on his recent trip to Cuba and Argentina. As an outsider looking in, attending a baseball game and dancing the tango during a time when an ally was reeling from a terrorist-attack seemed insensitive. However, I was a bit miffed as to why the media was taking such aim against his decision when terrorist attacks happen everyday in various parts of the world. It was then I began to accept his logic with a bit less 'judgment.' I ask: Had the attack occurred in, let's say, Nigeria, would the media have been as appalled at the family outing to the game, or the tango in Argentina? Let me end by saying, 'sounds like politics to me.' I am certain that he was doing all he could; and, behind the scenes his staff was keeping him up-to-the-minute on the goings on. I must note that this media tear-down came minutes after he gave a beautiful speech uplifting an oppressed people. I am glad that he didn't allow the unfortunate attack dim his efforts to bridge two nations. Imagine him devaluing Castro by saying, "Gotta' go, I need to go back to D.C. to" ughmm...I don't know...watch the media's continuous loop of the same clip. Clearly, everything he was going to do in D.C. he was able to do from where he was. I close. As always, I can't end without saying how beautiful a couple, and family, the Obamas truly are!