Whitney Houston Synergy

I hesitated to write this post for a week now; but realize I have to after hearing of her mother's experience with the doorbell ringing three times and no one there in the natural to greet her. For me, it was last Saturday. I had just completed my time in the Word. I live in a central time zone. It was around 3 p.m. and "out of the blue" I made a comparison to Whitney and Natalie Cole who recently visited our town. I said the difference between the two was Natalie had seemingly held off her drug-demons. My daughter's response was 'Yes, sometimes we can be our own undoing.' Her words troubled me; as I knew that to be many a person's truth. Needless to say I was totally blown away when I learned on the evening news that Whitney had died.

Sadness has gripped me this week. I've sung more Whitney Houston songs than I can remember; realizing this is due to the media overload of speculations. Based on all that has come out regarding her erratic behavior, it's apparent she had protective handlers similar to Michael and Anna Nicole. I have my belief of what happened; but, suspect this will be deemed an accidental drowning.

Whitney had such a bright aura despite the demon-controlling drugs that went unchecked. To those who still have a chance to get it right, let this be a reason to do something good for a needy cause. To whom many talents are given much is required. The talents, the money, are for God and His Glory! In my heart I know Whitney knew that. Her last on-stage appearance makes me smile; gives me hope and peace that Mercy and Grace ushered her over. Twenty years ago she sang a beautiful rendition of 'Yes, Jesus Loves Me.' She sounded like she was ready to preach.

My sadness will fade over time. Her music will live on. This should be a wake-up call for many. Sometimes we have to commit those we love to rehab as many times as it takes to help them heal. But sadly, the bottom line rings true: Sometimes we truly are our own undoing.

Many prayers for all who mourn her passing. Today's invitation-only service will be chocked full of celebrities who could have intervened; but, for whatever reasons didn't. Yes, she was loved; but, sadly allowed to deteriorate to an unhealthy state of existence. That's it. I've said my peace. I do believe as she was transitioning over last Saturday her actions were her own undoing