God Doesn't Need Help Deciding Who Gives Birth & Who Doesn't

Eight babies. Well, actually 14 babies. In one home. No papa to help wash bottles. No papa to help wash diapers or take the dirty ones to the curb. A single mama with 14 children and not enough income to take care of them. Despite all that; believe me that’s not my biggest concern. I’ll spare you that concern til the end. And I assure you that your concerns will trump my own. It’s obvious that this is one very “gifted” woman. In three years I brought two children home and knew I’d reached my “limit.” I thank God that He had mercy and didn’t test me beyond that measure. This is obviously a woman who does not believe in abortion. For that I applaud her. The downside of that upside is that she chose to “play God” in that He obviously chose to keep her womb from bringing forth life full term. We’ll never know if that was a finite decision or like Sarah and Abraham, a temporary one. I believe something good always comes out of every difficult situation. It’s often said that what doesn’t kill us only serves to make us stronger. Unlike in decades and centuries past when birth-control options were limited and people lived on acres of land and the crops it bore, having extremely large families was more understandable. But this is a horrible case for in-vitro fertilization and what criterion makes for a suitable candidate. Let me say it now. Like the child who yells something meant to stay in the walls of his own home, NO ONE IS A GENUINE CANDIDATE FOR IN-VITRO FERTILIZATION. Obviously I don’t agree with this method. The reason is simple. It’s the same as why I don’t believe in abortion. GOD is the Gifter of life. He plants seeds and allows them to grow in the wombs He’s specifically ordained for a given purpose. Man and woman are merely the vessels. There are far too many children, right here in America, waiting to be adopted or received into a home as a foster child. Women who are desirous of motherhood, should know that there are enough orphaned babies for their lifetime to take care of. I can assure you that having one birthed through another canal is the same as one birthed from your own; without the stretch marks and swollen feet. Children grow on you like your favorite pet. You didn’t give birth to it; and, oh how you love it as though you did. This is an opportunity to take a long, hard look at who’s being the most irresponsible: a doctor who plants seeds in a woman’s womb who obviously has an unstable lifestyle; or a person with six kids working two jobs to afford to have these seeds planted. Laws need to be formed to protect the innocent. In this case, the innocent are the 14 babies who were brought forth at the hands of man; so different from the Mighty Hand and Plan of God. I know. God is in all things. But His Divine Order is not always exercised by human. There was a time when having multiples was a miracle upon miracles. People experienced His awesomeness when He gave them more than one at a time. It was a rare and very highlighted occasion. In fact, under natural circumstances it still is. But now, women are desperately taking the creation of life into their own hands. It reminds me of mad-scientists in labs wondering who can bring the most babies to full term. Is eight enough? Is someone in a lab seeing if they can bring a dozen to full term? Women are people; not dogs. Most women are not born to birth litters. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say, “NO MORE.” For women who have an appointment to do this man’s way. Call now. Cancel the appointment. Don’t fertilize eggs that God has not ordained. I assure you if you were placed on this earth to be a mother, there are thousands of beautiful children of all ages, skin tones, hair textures that would love to call you “Mama/Mom/Madre.” How beautiful your family will be if you have a rainbow of God’s children taking care of the yard as they get older; parading into church on Sundays. Or maybe, like some very special neighbors I know, you’ll adopt children who blend with your features so much, no one would know lest you told them. Okay, if you read books, last page first, you already know my greatest concern in this most recent delivery. Actually, just as your own, my concerns are grave. As she did the news jaunts I presume this is part of her plan to care for her children sin outside financial help. But, as I watched her prepare her hands to reach inside the incubator to stroke love onto her children, I was extremely concerned at something that may seem minuscule to many: There is something odd about how she stroked their hair “against” the grain as opposed to “with” the grain? That was difficult to watch. Stroking the hair in the direction it grows is soothing. It almost seemed as if one of the little ones tried to push her hand away. That’s it. If I could send a note, it would read: Dear Mommy, Please stroke their hair in the direction it’s growing. In conclusion, the babies really are undeniably beautiful. But unfortunately, most times, beauty doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table. Instead of criticizing, everyone should pray instead. Even the most gifted of parents need that. For those of you who know her personally, don’t ask if she needs help. Some things are obvious. Most of us who ever had two under the age of three know how valuable someone coming by to do more than idly sit can be. Don’t be convinced of her stoic demeanor. She not only wants help. She desperately needs it. Someone in her church needs to put leadership skills into action and start a diaper drive; a round-the-clock feeding time, etc. etc. If you don’t do it for her; do it for the children. Because this endeavor really will take a village.