Feeding 200 People with $5K

I chuckled recently as I heard Oprah say that one couldn't possibly feed 200 people with only $5K. My eyes grew large as I thought to myself; "You can't?" And of course the creative mind I have went to making several menus that would feed this crowd. I thought of a big gumbo, filled with chicken, Andouille sausage, and shrimp, served over perfectly boiled rice, with jalapeno cornbread on the side. Another menu would require several cases of farm-raised chickens smoked on the grill to perfection; the kind that is so delicious it tastes just like ham. And of course, along side that would be Southern potato salad with fresh greens and homemade rolls. Another menu would mimick that one except the chicken would be deep fried. I'd have several of my "daughters" who love to bake make several lemon cakes, pound cakes, yellow cakes, etc... to finish off the meal. Oh yes, I'm sure I'm not the only person who could easily feed a flock this size with that amount of money. If anyone does meet this budget, maybe they'll be so polite as to invite her to the wedding. I'm sure it would be worth your while; and equally certain that she just might surprise you by showing up. At best, I think it makes a good light-hearted topic for one of her shows. Well, it's late and I'm getting really hungry, so, on behalf of many who heard her say that and had my reaction, I'll end this by saying, "Oh, yes you can."