Giving In Anonymity Comes With Eternal Blessings

Recently, while listening to NPR news, I heard that several schools of higher learning had received millions of dollars from an anonymous source. I thought for a brief time who or why one would choose to give so generously without self-glorification. Instantly, I was reminded of God's Word admonishing in Matthew 6:1, that people who are quick to tell of what they've done for, or given to others, have already received their reward. And those who give without spotlights glaring, will receive their reward from Him, and an even greater eternal reward in heaven. As I listened to the news piece it was noted that several of the university Presidents were concerned that the money might have a "dirty" underpinning. My first reaction was, 'Why should it really matter?' considering the cause to which it is being gifted. Perhaps it might be from someone paying penance for "slave-harboring" ancestors who mistreated their servants generations earlier. Or maybe this offering, designated specifically for minorities and/or women, was an effort to help level the playing field of imbalanced opportunities for minorities and females. Or even less-exciting, maybe it was just a mega-rich person needing a tax write-off. I couldn't help but query later in the day which schools received the gifts. I smiled as the alma mater of one of my childhood friends had received a very generous donation. Because the bearer of these gifts is choosing anonymity, I really don't think we should put a taint on their choice of humility to the degree of questioning whether or not it should be dispersed to needy recipients. America is in a recession; and the majority of students do have a need. Understandably, if it were being offered by someone whose moral compass pointed in directions against the grain of an institution; and the giver wanted to draw media-frenzied attention to their deed, I could see the cause for alarm most clearly. But this rare case of an unheralded endeavor, is symbolic that there's still hope for this maniacally ego-hungry world. The people who receive of this gift will do well to thank the donor by offering many prayers of thanksgiving to GOD; for Him stirring the heart of another to do something so beneficial, and without fanfare. Who Knows who's behind these mysterious contributions? But, let us remember, that more importantly than the who, we should not risk becoming idolatrous by losing focus on the ultimate Gifter being God. We shouldn't waste too much precious time or energy trying to find the fleshly body that made the contributions. We should; instead, simply honor the ONE who makes all things possible. If we were to know the who, we might become like Baal-worshippers, and begin idolizing their every move, with the paparazzi nauseatingly chasing them; blah,blah, blah. In closing, congratulations to the universities who received the donations. Don't let the plans for disbursement be tainted by the mysterious motive in which these gifts were given. Congrats, too, for those blessed to receive this honor. Thank the donor(s) by striving to make an "A+" in every course!