Putting Jesus First Caused Me to Forfeit Path of LPC

In 2009 I began working on a degree in counseling at a private Catholic university. After one semester I had to accept that while Freud and countless other theorists were interesting to study, I couldn't imagine spending years learning about them without the benefit of incorporating my beliefs that Jesus and Jesus alone is the ultimate Healer. I am anti meds for the most part, and have come to accept in some cases they serve as a stabilizing force in the lives of clients. However, my purpose for starting the journey was to someday counsel from a Biblical perspective. On researching the amount of time spent on licensure, not to mention thousands of debt accrued, I ended my program with the initial program and enrolled into a Christian university offering sound Biblical requisites.
 In December 2012 I was conferred with a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy with honors. I will not, in good conscience work from a psychotherapist vantage, though will approach clients with my awareness of these techniques while placing primary emphasis on consulting client issues with a Biblical foundation. I received a special honor for working as a trauma specialist with military personnel. Needless to say, the job market is saturated right now with thousands of newbie grads with student-loan debt to boot. I will not use 3rd-party funding and will set rates at a price conducive to a person's choosing a manicure or beauty shop appointment. The choice will be theirs to nurture their aesthetic beauty or more importantly their mental portrait. Godspeed to all who are struggling today and have poor counselors with wall-to-wall certifications and  triple-digit prices charging, most likely, insurance-paid prices. Helping people work through life issues is a gift. And as the suicide rates of our military men and women attest, there is no amount of licensure in the world that can take the place of someone who gets through to the place of hurting with another human being. Pain is what causes a person to inflict harm on self. Medicating is a panacea more times than a genuine aid. Yes, today I am officially recognizing myself as a Biblical Consultant. The legal ramifications and withholdings of Jesus in session that are associated with Licensed counselors simply does not fit the call on my life. Again, Godspeed all. Godspeed!