Are Drugs to Blame for Heinous Acts Defying Maternal Instincts?

I couldn’t help but note on looking at the news recently that three AA females did heinous acts of murder against children. I also couldn’t help but wonder if they were on drugs, legal or otherwise. In one instance, the woman lured an expectant mom to her home and ripped the baby from her womb. In another case a mother killed two of her children with blunt-force trauma and stuffed them in the freezer for years. And most recently, a young 20-year old female, who did have PCP in her system, decapitated her infant child. And I asked myself, ‘who failed these people?’ or did they simply have lives that set them up for the disastrous behavior. A huge part of me wants to join a longitudinal-study research team to help identify ways to quell children from becoming maniacal adults, particularly women ages 13-35 in their child-bearing years; however, the U.S. college programs are primarily geared to people who have the luxury of affording graduate school or plunging into the FAFSA abyss: Financial Aid for S----- Americans. You can think of a few S words: Let’s see…Stupid?...Struggling….enSlaved….Stuck…You get the point.

The bottom line is mental health is skewed to mind-altering psychotropic drugs and if you’re not on board with this type of ‘therapeutic treatment’ it’s difficult to find funding for holistic care that seeks help for the soul as opposed to powerful drugs numbing emotional trauma.  Well, enough said. There’s obviously a problem. And, a Ph.D. is not going to guarantee helping the hurting heal. The need to revamp the mental-health system is DIRE; and, regulations need to be eased to allow more room for lay-people to hang a shingle to help without government loopholes making the academically-trained uneasy about helping.

As I close, I deliberately didn’t mention the young pilot who trained a plane into the mountains killing 149 people. He’s simply one more example of the need for a world summit on the topic of holistic mental-health care without big-Pharma at the helm.