Sandra Bland an Example of Why Cooler Heads Should Always Prevail

The last time I blogged it was quite a mournful affair; even though it pales in comparison to goings on in the world. On the heels of that post occurred the terrible massacre of nine church members in South Carolina, making it much too stressful to write for a while. Tears of sadness for everyone directly and indirectly involved was all the initial prompt could muster.
I've begun working and don't have a lot of time for the hobby of blogging. But, amidst the many newsworthy topics that have occurred since last I wrote, the one that is bringing me to the keypad this day is the Sandra Bland story. My bottom line in this case is respect given, would probably have been respect received, leaving her to live another day and enjoy the blessings of a new gig. Anyone who lives in the South knows that summer is as close to hell-fire as anyone should want to get. Without making excuses for anyone involved, it is far too hot to deal with attitude. If you're having a bad day, know that people working in the heat might be having one too. Keeping tensions cool is always a plus.
With that said, once the lights hit your rear-view mirror, you are technically under arrest. Saying what you don't have to do is not going to work in your favor. You are fooling you if you think you are going to win in situations where authority is disrespected. I don't care how much media fire there is about police brutality. Laws and respect for authority are designed to help civilized nations remain civilized.
Final word: Do I think Bland committed suicide? Yes. I do believe she was just that overwhelmed; not just with having to reap the consequences of failing to follow authority; but the fact that she would lose  the coveted new job since she was facing felony charges of Aggravated Assault of a Police Officer. In addition, I'm sure her stress factor was tantamount imagining her mother trying to raise bail money on such an avoidable offense. Will her family get rich behind this? Probably. Not because of her innocence; but because monies should be dispensed due to plastic bags in a jail cell being too convenient for a person entertaining thoughts of suicide while ruminating over the consequences of poor behavior. Either way, sad...sad...sad. One more time...sad.