Could Donald Trump Really Become the Next U.S. President?

I suppose the answer depends on whom you ask. The fact that he's getting so much flack from his GOP competitors leads me to believe the answer is a very strong and solid MAYBE. He reminds me of an off-the-cuff Mitt Romney. By this I mean he is among the most financially wealthiest people in the world and will not lose this status even if he loses the campaign or anything else in life for that matter. Aside from knowing he's not in this race for the paycheck or desire to live like a rock-star for the next four years, let's talk meat here. Donald Trump knows money. Donald Trump has a proven track record for creating jobs and enterprises. Donald Trump knows hard work since he helped build properties with his dad when he was a youngster. He's successfully raised several children of his own and taught them the value of work and not just doling out cash creating unstable rich kids. Donald Trump knows comebacks from defeats, since he's filed bankruptcy a time or two. If I had to toss my hat in the ring today for the next nod for President, I'm teetering on saying his name; but, it's really far too soon...not really....and barring him making any actions that would derail him as a viable option, I'd say...hmmmmmmm.....D-d-d-d-...uhmmmm...too soon...But, don't discount him as noncredible. People are listening. People who have money to build him up are watching. This might get very interesting. Very interesting.