YELP, A Great Stress Reliever

I recently learned that YELP stock is going public. Having moved to a new town a while back, I've come to not only learn the city; but, what real, paying customers think about particular businesses. Most recently, I found myself querying, of all places, the United States Post Office to get a vibe for customer-service experiences. I went to the YELP site to write my own opinion; but, after reading the first few 1-3 star entries, figured it would be an effort in redundant futility. However, something I didn't expect occurred from this experience. After reading the quirky details of customers' experiences, I actually felt better; and far from alone. Since the first of this year, I have failed to receive two packages: one in January, another in February. Usually a yellow slip is left notifying of delivery. In each of these cases, no package, no yellow slip. Hmmm...So after losing money on the first package for failed delivery, I thought I'd call to inquire about the missing items. I won't go into detail about my effort; because, my anxiety-relief, thanks to YELP, would be negated. So, on that note, hopefully I will follow-up in the next few days on the mystery of the missing packages. Thanks, YELP and all customers, satisfied and those, not so much. I will encourage anyone with an extra few bucks to take advantage of the Initial Public Offering when it becomes available. YELP is a handy little gem, beyond its purpose of informing the public.