A Betting Person Would Do Well To Put Money On Obama Serving Second Term as U.S. President

After all the political stomping and thousands of miles traveled to sell points on which candidate should be President of the United States for the next four years; it will ultimately simmer down to having very little to do with the 'selling' points. People like familiarity. And simply put, most people are not familiar with the life Mitt Romney has lived. No matter how genuine he tries to present himself, the shiny silverspoon life he was born into comes blaring into the hearts and minds of the people. I know people shouldn't have to be discriminated against because of their wealth; but, money matters really do come up in the conversations I'm hearing; particularly from the much younger and much older voters nearing, and in retirement. Quite frankly, the younger voters are most apathetic, but realize President Obama 'cares' enough to give them the most attention, addressing issues most relevant to their needs. Older voters realize they have too much to risk putting someone in office who's talking about vouchers.

The real reason a betting person would put their money on President Obama is simply because his life most reflects that of the American people on some, oft times painful level. He was born to a single mother. He eventually had a stepparent. His mother's domestic abuse allows him to be empathetic to children, and sympathetic to women who experience this silent epidemic. He ended up living with his grandparents. He went to a prestigious college. He padded his royalty status. He married and had kids. He's known student-loan debt. He's known inner-city life and the crises therein. I could go on. His life has pretty much run the gamut, and people believe he relates; he cares; he understands. However, to what degree people believe this, and how stirred they will be to show up, will be determined at the polls in November.

After last night's Vice-Presidential debate attempting to lay sole blame on President Obama for the condition of America's coiffures; and, a reminder that a man with five sons can only offer lip service to how great our military is, makes one wonder if he really knows the depth of sacrifice required on real-world America for starting wars.

This is an election for the history books. In three decades, how will the story read? Will President Obama be the comeback kid who put America back on steady footing; or, will it read as a one-term failed attempt at overcoming the real great divide in America: Partisan politicians? I can only hope it doesn't resemble the horror of 2000; dangling chads, and the embarrassment of a voting system so riddled with questions that even the world stood up and took pause. Yes, at this step of the game, if I were a betting person, and quite frankly I'm more of a "bird in the hand beating two in the bush" kinda' person; I'd have to put my dollar on President Obama's victory speech in a few weeks.