Hopefully the November Election Will Give Way to a Happy Thanksgiving

Taking a few steps away from the presidential campaign that's heating up for the big vote in a couple of weeks, I've begun thinking about what I'd like for my Thanksgiving menu, and, if I want to order out, or cook a holiday meal. I will be in the middle of a graduate program that I am currently going through the motions on in hopes of being done by Christmas. So, depending on my emotional energy come Turkey Day, will determine if my local deli will do the honors.

But, for certain, I am going to try to make a cornbread dressing, substituting quinoa for cornbread, and leaving out the eggs. Since the nutty flavors of quinoa taste better after a couple of days chilling in the fridge, I'll make it on Tuesday, meaning less work on the day of. Instead of a whole turkey, I will do turkey breast and a few turkey legs for those preferring the fattier part of the bird. Vegetables will be honey-glazed yams and blanched asparagus. Dessert for myself will be minced meat pie since I'm the only person I know who loves it, and I'll probably do an apple pie for everyone else.

Anyway, that's that. Stay in prayer that the election votes will give us a clear winner long before Thanksgiving Day, and that America will be able to count her blessings in peace.