Cigarette Packaging More a Nuisance, Than Effective

In a perfect world, cigarette smoking would be as healthy as eating a piece of fruit, and it's aroma would be as perfect as an award-winning rose. But, (pun intended) they aren't. They are toxic to the body, and overpowering to the untrained senses. People who 'enjoy' smoking truly 'enjoy' smoking. It is their sanity saver. For some it is a bad habit they just can't shake. For others, too often the young, it's a way to look cool (pun intended). However, whatever the brand, and the dose of nicotine, stopping this wasteful habit would do you and the world's airspace a lot of good. But, this is not the purpose of this entry.

The government needs to stop wasting money. Putting tragic pictures on cigarette packaging seems to be aimed at scaring youth from indulging in their first pack. In this case the ads may be effective. The problem I have with the packaging is that if we're going to target cigarettes, let's not stop there. Let's put battered and bruised, even deceased women on beer cases, if that's what you call that big 24-pack I, too often see while standing in a grocery store line before the 'big' game.

Since the Marlboro man has long been banished from the small screen; let's go on and banish the silly guys sharing beer and football. Beer is a worse enemy to society than cigarettes, if you can believe that. People choose the ravages that may occur from cigarette smoking. But no one chooses to be hit by a drunk driver with beer cans strewn all about his/her vehicle. No one chooses to be attacked because alcohol affects most people, let's call 'em out, men, with a demon of nonsensical rage that allows them to say and do things they otherwise wouldn't have the courage? to say and do if they were sober.

I didn't know it existed; but October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. I shook my head at all the tv football commentators in their multi shades of purple ties; and, could only wonder if that was to convince viewers that many of them weren't perpetrators behind closed doors.

While I don't smoke, the price alone should be reason to say there has to be a better way. But, I have other vices I'm sure. I love chocolate cake, but I don't want an ad of a 500 pound person on my packaging to infer my risk of gaining weight. I love coffee; but, I don't want to be told that I might risk anything if I have more than two cups. While it's fine to put a warning label to protect the manufacturer, people have smoked for centuries. Many have lived to ripe old ages. I close with a restatement: If you're not going to target all vices, don't just target some.  For some people, smoking is the difference between sanity and jumping off a bridge; at least that's what they've come to believe. People should always be given incentives for stopping bad behavior; but, antagonizing full-grown adults with fear shouldn't be one of them.