Baltimore D.A. Bringing Charges Against Six Officers Proof No One is Above the Law

The video of a man in distress being dragged into the back of a metal cage on wheels, shackled and handcuffed, without restraints makes crystal clear why people have taken to the streets in mass protest. This response is not about one person, but all who have suffered abuse at the hands of those who take an oath to protect.

Prior to today, I had not seen the interior of the vehicle; but, having done so, it shakes me to the core as it takes me back to scenarios where black men are tied to the back of a truck and dragged to death. I believe in peaceful protesting, but, tonight I can more clearly understand the rage of rock-throwing and destruction of city property.

I'm reminded that this is how wars start, similar to those going on in the streets of Syria. People in power, abusing the little man, until a powder-keg response fuels beyond control. Thankfully in America the hope is in the judicial system that a jury of peers will decide the fate of these officers.

Totally unrelated, the seven teachers in Atlanta sentenced for cheating on tests, are just another example that people in authority are held to the same standard as those over which they have power; but, with a far-higher responsibility to model what to do and what not to do.

I pray that this family will be recompensed to the highest monetary-value possible, knowing full-well there is no payout large enough to replace a family member snuffed out in such a cruel way. Also, I pray that God is allowed to let justice play out in a court of law, and mercy for all the jurors who have the difficult task of sorting through the piles and piles of testimony to render a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

Clearly, Freddie Gray needed medical attention before getting into the van. Records show he needed EMT- assistance en route. Imagine 50 years ago before technology was as second-to-second as it is today. This may not have even been an afterthought. The i-phone generation is magnifying the eyewitness account, making the he-said, she-said story hard to deny.