If You’re Unemployed, Keep Applying!!!!

If you’re in the hunt for a new gig don’t get discouraged and quit. Bailing out of the job-market affects the ratings in ways that skew the true unemployment rate. While the ‘stable’ numbers touted may be a good marketing ploy to get young people and some old ones, into the lure of college-student-loan debt; ultimately these low-unemployment rates lack truth. I read an article recently that stated if you stop looking for work for four-plus weeks you are not counted in the unemployment rankings. Also, if you work a mere two hours a week cutting a neighbor’s lawn, you are not counted in the unemployment rankings.
Also, if you’re only able to find part-time gigs and rely heavily on government aid, you are not unemployed; thus not counted; no matter how under-employed you may be. Which brings me to the final point. There are far more part-time jobs advertised offering zero health-benefits than full-time. Many young people are hopping three and four jobs just to total a salary resembling a 40-hour work week. Things have changed so drastically since my heyday in the market and my advice to anyone thinking about jumping into debt to attend college you might want to read the countless stories of lament online.
Am I anti college? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I would that everyone could pursue four years of academics post high school. But right now the college bureaucracy is top-heavy, and, the legs of student-loan owners aren’t going to be able to bear up under it for the long haul.  I’ve said this before. If you’re staring at graduation in the next two or three years, or weeks for that matter, consider sitting out of college til you’re 25. Yes, all of your pals will have a head-start on you; but, most will wish at 25 they would have chosen a more sensical major. I know seven years post-high school sounds like a lifetime; but, consider working in a job requiring a high-school diploma while saving like crazy to pay cash for your college degree. You may even forego the need to have the full-time, on-campus, kids-at-play experience.
 That’s it. Many are reading this right now wishing they would have heard these words before they headed fresh out of high-school, into the student-loan-debt pot, into the rat-race world working in a field they loathe.  I know this went from talking about unemployment rates to college, so somehow I’ll bring it back full circle: If you are unemployed you need to stay in the ‘hunt’ because that’s one way the truest demographic figures can be told. Bottom line, if you’re unemployed, you owe it to your country to do your duty: Keep applying! Who knows, in the process you may just land the job of your dreams.