The Theme of This Season's Mindy Project Destined it to Failure (with UPDATE)

When it's all said and done, Americans (U.S.) are really faaaaar more conservative than they let on. Yes, the entertainment world is full of over-the-top lifestyles and too-much-skin for the public eye; but, when we tune in to watch tv, we want choice. Prior to this season, The Mindy Project walked very close to crossing the line; but, when Mindy callously announced she was pregnant, I knew the show had one of two choices. In fact, before I disclose the choices, I actually tuned in just to see if the choice that would have earned it another season had aired. I admit, I usually miss the actual airing for one reason or another and end up catching snippets.
But, back to the two choices. The first choice was the season would have ended with her in the ER, learning that she had experienced a miscarriage. The new season would have begun with her experiencing some dark moments for her loss, and the show would have progressed with a new theme of hope and promise for her career and relationship getting stronger and more directed.
The other choice, which is the one that doomed the show for 'regular' TV is she would have remained pregnant, sending a horrible Murphy Brown message that single mothers are 'cool'. It's not that they aren't per se; but it sends a very false message. Being a med student is very exhausting. A student's days are filled to the brim with work and study. For her to have a child, and presumably function as a single-mother sent a message that most Americans will never digest as the ideal, while sitting in front of the set with chips and iced-tea. 
I understand Hulu is in line to pick up the show. Great. But, I really can't imagine finding it worth the time to watch; because, the message is all wrong on many layers, including single girl over-eager to be in relationship, never quite sealing the deal, never addressing the fact that loose behavior will probably earn you an HIV-AIDS diagnosis, or any other STD associated with promiscuity. Also, the world really doesn't need a glamorous spin put on the life most single mom's experience, equating to a potential lifetime of poverty. I could go on; but, I won't. It's too draining.
So, there you have it. Just as Murphy Brown (the show from the 80s) set out to show women are strong enough to carry the weight of parenting without benefit of a stable relationship with the father closed the door on an otherwise pretty decent show, so goes Act II, The Mindy Project.

UPDATE: I'm glad to learn that Mindy received a lifeline for her Project. She really is a talented artist. On further research I learned she is the brain-child behind this uniquely funny show. I simply hope she will set the 2nd best example and marry her live-in lover-boy before the baby arrives. Kudos.