Denver Mom Humiliating Daughter Planting a Seed of Abuse

 My heart breaks watching this video. I don't think this is effective parenting any more than I think running down the street attacking your 'grown' son is effective. Sometimes children do dumb and sometimes reckless acts as they transition from teen to adulthood. Taking privileges away is good; but public humiliation sends a wrong message that may teach daughters that love is 'abusive and denigrating.' Mom went from two parents who love her, to a deadbeat dad not caring.
This behavior is clearly why I believe there should be one computer for children under 18, in the main room of the home, facing where everyone who walks in can see. I purposely did this when raising my children. Facebook certainly has legal protections for children who pose as adults. So, parents the responsibility is yours to learn how to check history searches and call teens out on sites you don't approve of. Again, this is sad because this child being comfortable wearing a bra for the camera, speaking in adult language which flies over the heads of many adults, hints that she is far more active than Mom is ready to accept. This duo clearly needs professional counseling. This video needs to be removed. The child needs to be taught what happens to women who exploit themselves for men. Perhaps, making her write a research paper as summer fare would benefit her.
Mom would do well to teach her the value of abstinence while bracing herself for the fact that this daughter may be sexually active. All adults can remember the teen years, and how some of the most docile girls were climbing out of bedroom windows at night, soon pregnant to their parents' shock and horror. While this child's decision is sorrowful, not addressing her need to protect herself from disease and pregnancy would be even more devastating. Mom, she is your daughter. I know this video is to help you appear as the parent-in- control; but, I'll offer my advice again: Either find Godly counsel or allow someone a wee-bit older to tell her from experience the fire she's playing with.

I've decided not to include the link. Hopefully, Mom will take it down, NOW; and, by the time you click, it will be unavailable.